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Yrdsb Gifted Program Test Questions And AnswersGifted Program Questions

A lot of parents are interested in getting their child into the gifted program. To help parents understand more about gifted program and what it takes to get your kids there, here are some useful tips as follows. First, not all kids are the same, some kids are talented in math while others are very good at social interaction.

I think as parents, we should encourage kids to pursue their passion and provide guidance and help, but we shouldn't demand them too hard on something they are not just passionate about by nature. It is a tricky balance to maintain but a parent-guided approach is the best. Every child is born with a unique gift. Since the gifted program is heavily oriented towards math and logic, not all kids can go into gifted program. But that doesn't mean the child is not gifted. Don't get discouraged. This is just like, the life achievement for a person only depends on very small portions of his/her IQ, but largely depends on persistence and passion.

Gifted testing provides. Types of Gifted Assessments. Only your School Board can decide whether a child meets criteria for their Gifted Program.

With this understanding, let's take a look at the components of a gifted program test. There are 3 aspects of the test, i.e. Zoom X6 5590 Adsl Modem Driver Download here. : -Verbal: the ability to reason with words and sentences -Quantitative: concepts and relations regarding numbers and math -Nonverbal: figural concepts expressed in pictures Perhaps the most important aspect of the gifted test is critical thinking. This is pretty much the way to measure the IQ of your child. Critical thinking is kind of an abstract concept, to make it easier to understand, they are typically brain-training questions/puzzles. For example: -Word puzzles -Numberical puzzles -Visual puzzles -Memory puzzles -Logic puzzles For CogAT test, you can get some practice books and let your child do it. Find Some good books here or Also there are some very good IQ Testing Exercise books recommended in this article: for your reference.

Gifted Test Duration Time To give you an idea how long it will take for the testing, in Bellevue Washington, the test duration is like this: For first grade students -Test time is 2 hours, there are 6 sections in the test, each takes about 20 minutes to complete. -For verbal and quantitative sections, the teacher will read the questions to the students. Kula Vilakku Tamil Serial. Students will choose an answer in the answer sheet. -For non-verbal section, students see 3 pictures and choose the next picture in the pattern from 4 choices.

For 2nd grade to 9th grade students -Test time is 2.5 hours with breaks between sections. -Students read the questions themselves. -All questions are multiple choice. The sections are timed. -Students mark their answers on an answer sheet that can be read by a computer. Sample Testing Questions These are questions that appear on gifted tests across the USA for kindergarten through third grade. They test visual-spatial reasoning, cognitive skills, memory and comprehension.

(pdf download, about 4.5MB) Also, below are two good links that contain another set of sample gifted test questions. The author (pen name Susulin) is a parent of the gifted class.

He also wrote an English/Chinese bilingual white paper documenting his thoughts on elementary gifted education and best practices for parents. JC 2011-10-17 22:14 @Gracie, I totally understand and do hope so! One thing to note is that the gifted program is a type of specialized educational program.

It really depends on your kid, if he/she doesn't enjoy that, it could be a real drag. As a teacher in the gifted program pointed out, as the students progress to higher grades, they are getting increasing workload. The reading could be a lot, and math could be a lot too. So, if you want your kid to be in gifted program, other than pushing hard, the child also needs to be ready for that. JC 2011-11-02 21:54 Also, pretty much reading and math are the MOST important two aspects of the gifted program education. I can see why that's the case. Most high paying careers require a strong math background, just think about engineering, science, marketing, etc.

All of these are future growth areas and all of them requires a high level of math competency. Highly successful people tend to read a lot and take in knowledge like a sponge. By reading books, you get condensed experience/tips from other successful people, and thus could avoid a lot of mistakes and be even more successful. JC 2012-02-27 21:28 Here is some more information on Bellevue school district enrichment/gifted program placement: 'Gifted/highly capable students are generally defined as 2+standard deviations above the norm depending on the test used. For the CogAT = 132 is considered gifted. As reference, Bellevue School District currently uses 132 as the threshold for receiving pull-out gifted services in grades 3-5, a similar level on multiple measures to qualify for in-class services in literacy for grade 2, and 144 to be eligible for the self-contained classroom or full day curriculum option in grades 2-12.' Oldcat 2012-09-19 09:27 My son loves these books, they are very good to enlighten your kid's intellectual ability as well as having fun.