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Read the latest reviews on Wildgame Innovations infrared game cameras. Check out the sample pictures and full analysis only at Trailcampro.com. Find out if your trail camera needs the latest firmware update. We have Bushnell and Browning updates, along with many of the other game cameras.

Wildgame Innovations company has its grassroots back in the mid 90-s, though it was founded only in 2002. It started when the quality deer management movement started its practice. Its owned and run by one family that has been avid deer and wild game hunters for many years. In our Wildgame Innovations game camera reviews you can find out if the products of this company are worth the investment. Below in the chart you can compare the models they have available. Under the chart you can find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of the cams produced by this company, as well as They had their own patch of land with deer that they were managing. The family was doing a lot of filed testing with the goal of increasing their number, but nothing was working.

So eventually they developed their test products and created their own game cameras that allowed watching the game, their patterns and movements. Using the game cameras, allowed them to hold and grow more deer on their property. They decided to share their product with fellow hunters and established the Wildgame Innovations company. The company has developed a number of trail cams, designed to cater to different hunter needs. Which model of this brand would be more suitable for your specific needs.

The Benefits • One of the points that many customers of Wildgame Innovations like about the cameras of this brand is the affordability of its products. Most of their models are available under 100 dollars.

So if low price is one of the main features you are looking for in your new game camera, this just might be what you are looking for. • The cameras they offer can make both image capturing and video recording.

Wildgame Innovations game cameras offer pretty good picture and video quality. Can’t say that it’s outstanding, it’s just average. The range of models is available with up to 12 megapixels, thought he most popular models of the brand are with 6 megapixels. Cod4 1.7 Iw3mp.exe Crack. For example, the company has a Blade line of game cameras and you can choose Blade 3, Blade 4, Blade 5, 6 or 7, with each of them offering the according MP (3-7 MP). The video quality is 720 p.

However, the video does not include audio recording. • Wildgame Innovations cameras have the benefit of fast trigger time.

On most of the models you will find that it’s just one rapid second. Download Monkey Island 2 Ipa. • The flash range of these cameras is between 50 to 75 feet. • If you are looking for a game cam that would not scare off the game when capturing images, then the model to consider among the products of this brand is the. It features LightsOut technology with high intensity invisible LEDs.

• The brand also has several models that are WiFi capable (Pulse 10 and D10D models). However, for the unit to connect to WiFi you will need to purchase separately a YN1 module. The Drawbacks • Some of the users of Wildgame Innovations trail cameras have commented that they had found the product not very user friendly. They had found some difficulty using the menu operation and adjusting the settings. • While the picture quality for a game camera in this price range is decent, it is not great, especially the nighttime images can be a little blurry. So if a more clear picture with higher resolution is important for you, I would recommend you to invest a bit more and get a better quality camera from brands like Bushnell, Cuddeback, Covert or Moutlrie. • The cameras allow you to record videos, but there’s no audio recording feature.

For some users it might not be a drawback, while for others it might be important to have it. • Some of the users complained that Wildgame Innovations cams use a bungee for mounting them onto a tree. For some this is a drawback, but for others it’s a more convenient feature, as it is easier adjusting the mount to any tree. • Compared to higher priced game cameras, these products tend to have a shorter battery life.

The Bottom Line In my opinion, is a good choice only if you are looking for something really affordable. The price seems to be biggest benefit of this brand. It does offer good features, but in comparison to more, it’s not as reliable and does not have that high quality. For serious hunting or game watching, I would recommend investing a bit more into a product that would truly benefit you. I hope that after reading my Wildgame camera reviews you will be able to make the choice if it’s the trail cam you’ve been looking for.

Wildgame trail cameras have shrunk in size the last few years and now match many of the other companies in size. The Nano 8 is particularly small and is definitely the smallest Wildgame innovations trail camera to date. Read our Wildgame scouting camera reviews to help you choose the Wildgame camera best suited for your specific situation.