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I have a Mac Mini running Mavericks and this Mini is my main computer. I am running the latest version of iTunes. I have an external drive which is a WD My Book attached to the Mini which stores my iTunes library and related folders. I like to keep the WD external drive stationary and not carry this external drive around with me. I use a Macbook Air running Mavericks when I am on the road and away from my house. I would like to carry around a portable version of my iTunes library and related folders on another external drive such as a WD My Passport. The purpose of this, is to use it with my MBA and when I am away from my home.

Wikidpad Portable Deutsch Itunes

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Obviously, I want to connect my iPod Touch or my iPhone 5 to sync photos or music. One problem to this ideal situation. Download Fantom X Reason Refill Unpacker there. Obviously, I will have 2 different versions of my iTunes library. I will have my home version and portable version. The home version is the master library and is used with the Mini. The portable version is the one that I travel around with making changes as I go along and is connected to my MBA.

The second problem is duplication. I don't want to add music and apps to the portable version and sync it with the home version and I have a huge mess.

The big question, how do I keep both iTunes libraries in check without duplication of songs or Apps? No, I am not going to pay $25 dollars a year for iTunes Match. Putting my library to Apple servers for that much money is not answer. If iTunes Match was cheaper, I would consider it. Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3) Posted on Jul 22, 2014 9:01 AM. At first I thought this was going to be complicated, but it isn't.