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To set presenters free in the dome and allow full focus on the content and the audience interaction, we realized that portable devices such as iPads were great enablers. At the same time, cluttering the small window interface with hundreds of buttons and sub menus would only add complexity and take the focus of the presenter. We came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to build slides, where each slide could correspond to a particular stop, or topic, during the presentation - much like a Powerpoint. With Uniview 2.0, we introduce Uniview Panels. With simplicity at the core, simply drag and drop datasets, bookmarks, images, events, and talking points onto sequential slides. Click save, and immediately access the same panels from your portable tablet. Add notes to remember the talking points on each panels.

Uniview Theater by SCISS AB. Versions: 1.3. File name: Uniview.exe. Zhejiang Yu Technology Co. Ltd (referred to as.

Uniview Theater Download

Of course with support for multiple languages. Dynamic Image Loading To add images to your presentation, simply drag and drop them directly from a web browser, or already stored images on your hard drive. Release the images onto the dome view or move them to your panel to store them for the presentation. Shared joy is twice the joy.

Uniview Vision

Uniview Domecasting. Neurodome is the first show on offer available exclusively with Uniview. Glitter Bot Seafight. Working with neuroscientist Dr.

Jonathan Fisher, SCISS not only introduces live presentations as a concept, but also a complete new realm of science. The Neurodome presentation takes you on the truly mind-blowing journey of a photon from intergalactic space, traversing the solar system, down to Earth, and end up inside the structures of a human brain.

All based on real scientific data. In a dome theater, this story gives the audience an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain. Stars The second presentation is a traditional SCISS production about the life of stars – visiting protostars and Herbig-Haro objects through the main sequence evolution of stars – all the way to the pulsars, white dwarfs and the feedback cycle of the Interstellar medium. Master the whole theater with the tip of your finger. Colorspace Theater Control As a dome theater operator, the Colorspace Theater Control is the main interface for managing the theater equipment and run shows.

With robust and intuitive HTML5 controls, the theater control supports a wide range of different use cases. Through a simple button on the touch panel, you start the system, turn shutters on and off, start any of the available films or start and stop pre-programmed theater lighting sequences. In addition to the films itself, pre-programmed live presentations can be delivered using standard components, or through completely customizable HTML panels. The control system runs on dedicated light-weight hardware for optimal robustness, and a device server constantly monitors the status of all equipment in the theater. From a user perspective, the playback software is treated just as any other device in the theater, with constant status monitoring and full control from the device. Want to know more?.

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