Tiahuanaco The Cradle Of American Man Pdf

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T iwanaku ( T iahuanaco) is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca on the of. Tiwanaku has all the features of a harbour, which has led some to describe it as the seaport of nearby another remarkable ancient site (o). The ruins are scattered over a number of square miles through which the Guayqui-La Paz railway was constructed, which was responsible for the breaking up of many monuments to provide ballast. Prior to that, stone from the site was used in the construction of nearby homes and a church. Believed that Tiwanaku had been built by a race of people he calls Homo atlanticus, who had come to America from Atlantis over a landbridge from the east, outlined in his 1906 book Tiahuanacu [ ]. The controversial, who linked Tiahuanaco with, the mythical “white” island homeland of the investigated them in the early 20 th century. The similarity of Aztlan with the name of Plato’s city has excited some straw clutching Atlantis seekers into claiming a definite connection between the two.

Tiahuanaco The Cradle Of American Man Pdf

Posnansky also noted that the expected alignments of structures at Tiwanaku were offset by an amount which suggested their construction at a time when they would have been correctly aligned with respect to the cardinal points. He, after many years of study, was convinced that Tiahuanaco was the oldest civilisation on Earth [] dating it to around 15,000 BC. Debunked Posnansky’s dating in a 2001 article (k) as did (n). Autel Md802 Software Download. In the 1920’s studied the ruins of Tiwanaku and concluded that it had been constructed by Nordic refugees from Atlantis which had been destroyed by a falling moon! His ideas were enthusiastically received back in Nazi Germany. A further expedition was planned, but never materialised because of the start of World War II.

In sharp contrast is the claim (l) by that later construction at Tiwanaku was carried out by the Vikings! However, a more recent, but catastrophic, explanation is offered by Stephen Smith (d) on the Thunderbolts.info website. Perhaps Smith’s ideas might be combined with the studies of to produce a more comprehensive hypothesis. Posnansky’s date is greatly at variance with conventional dating that puts the flourishing of Tiwanaku at 1200 BC until 1200 AD. The latter part of that period roughly coincides with the existence of the Wari Empire, a possible rival of Tiwanaku (e). Fairway Solitaire Download Free Full Version Pc.

Arthur Posnansky (1873–1946), often called 'Arturo', was at various times in his life an engineer, explorer, ship’s navigator, director of a river navigation. Arthur Posnansky (1873–1946). Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man, was published in 1945 (volumes I and II) and 1957 (volumes III and IV). Tihuanacu the cradle of american man Download tihuanacu the cradle of american man or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read Online button to get tihuanacu the cradle of american man book now. Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man. By Arthur Posnansky Volume II Chapter II The Temple of the Sun Kalasasaya, an 'Inti Huatana'. Astronomical Science in Tihuanacu A. The Beginning of Studies in Tihuanacu B. Architecnographical Introduction C. The Object of the Building Kalasasaya D.