The Sims Hogwarts Wizarding World Expansion

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Harry Potter World Hogwarts

No, EA answered it for us and did say posting this thread because the creator had never put it on the exchange did break the rules and was a bannable offense - so we simply are just quietly reporting it when someone posts it again. EA will eventually get around to responding and banning offenders. They sort of have their hands a bit full right now with in office troubles and layoffs - but if you read Stw's post regarding the RULES - then regardless of what the creator did, this cannot be reposted until Vaughn himself puts it on the exchange - then it becomes the property of EA's - but posting and sharing it when it was never on the exchange 'by the creator' violates the TOS and is a bannable offense. Go for it if you want to. And that is all we have to say on the subject. Oh and Vaughn said not a person has tweeted him from here or his other game he has a world for and cannot get back to.

Muggle Born of Mages - TV Tropes. But if you're a Mauve Shirt. Unfortunately for him, he's normal. No, not Badass Normal; totally, completely, and 1. Wizarding World My Sims 3 version of the Harry Potter World. This Exchange item contains one or more items from the Sims 3 Store, expansion pack(s).

He did not explain, but seems he is not allowed on either site from the way he said it. Also if you have ever tried you would know we cannot remove threads we have put here if we can get on the site - but if Vaughn can't get on the site - stand to reason he can't get the thread removed or comment. Be advised that if you download this file, none of the community lots the creator made are of any use. You can not go to edit town and change the lot type. I couldn't find a hospital, other than 3 gyms and I don't know that they are even equipped gyms at that. There also isn't enough sizes or free lots to have all of your lots and all of the community lots you will need to add to the town so many jobs may not even be available to you. Shame really because he could of kept the look and name and just changed the lot type to the essential lots people need and expect for their worlds.

Expect that many of the homes are just prop homes and not finished. Only there for looks or for you to finish. There are zero townies so be ready to import your own and make sure the family you picked will at least have enough beds and bathrooms since those homes are only partial homes. Not having townies also means you can not chat on the computer to someone to increase a social bar so that option is out of the question. Aside from that, it is an amazing magic world and very well done. When I saw everything I would have to import I tried CAW with it but it didn't work. Serial Mandala Siluman Sungai Ular Nunukan. It's a bit inconvenient to live there due to the lack of resources and buildings that you would need depending on basic building need and EP's.

Wish sims would sell better magic like worlds but they don't. Tried midnight hollow, too emo & I was not happy with its lay out. Monte Vista just didn't have enough slots open for my taste & its not magic like. Dragon Valley was eh, okay I guess. Bridgeport only had one loft and it was tiny, also not magic like.