Techwell Dvr Card Tw2804 Driver

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Techwell Dvr Card Tw2804 Driver

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Hi folks I am having a heck of a time trying to identify the manufacturer of, and find drivers/ support for a DVR Board, and I'm hoping one of you out there might have run accross this unit. Here is what I know for sure.

It is a 16 channel DVR board, containing 4 techwell TW2804 chips, 2 NXP SAA7146AH chips, a A-Logics AM 7216 chip, a PLX Technologies PCI6140-AA33PC chip, a syncmos SM89516A CHIP, 1 ESMT M12l64164A and 1 ESMP M12L64322a CHIP, The backplane has a single RCA Video Out and 2 15 PIN D-Sub connections (which attach to 2 8 way splitter cables connecting to the BNC ends of the camera cables. It also has 2 daughter boards, one appears to be an audio input board, the other I'm not entirely sure about, but I have included pics here to help. Any help I can get identifying and finding support for this product would be much appreciated. Thanks Brian. Hitachi Ax M137 Manual here. If you plug the device into the system, it should come up as an unknown device in Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager. Locate the device in the list.

It should have a yellow question mark. Select the device, then right-click on Properties and select the Details tab.

The Device Instance ID string should appear in the window (starts with 'PCI VEN'.). Copy the entire string down. It must be copied by hand; copy-and-paste does not work in this window. This is the information necessary to figure out what the board is.

In 'VEN_xxxx', xxxx is the is the vendor ID. In 'DEV_xxxx', xxxx is the device ID. In 'SUBSYS_xxxxxxxx', xxxxxxxx is the identification of this particular device. Search for these strings online, or report it back here and someone will be able to help.

The green board with the Molex connector looks like an outboard RS-485 converter, which is consistent with the mystery board being a camera capture and PTZ control board. The green board with the multi-pin connector looks like an alarm contact input board, which again is consistent with the mystery board being a camera capture and alarm control board.