Swap Magic 3 8 Ps2 Iso Loader

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Swap Magic 3 8 Ps2 Iso LoaderSwap Magic Ps2 Slim

Download Softly And Tenderly. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • News, updates, and answers regarding PS3 homebrew! Console banned? Need to downgrade? Recommended Custom Firmware: • News and Resources: • • • • • Related Subreddits: • • • Homebrew Downloads: • • NOTE: Please don't use this subreddit as a hub for piracy. Homebrew applications and jailbreaking aren't limited to piracy, and it opens the door to legal threats and irritation. Ms Visio Portable Free Download more.

For the protection of users and our subreddit, buying, selling, and trading is prohibited. Try going to the marketplace instead. • • • • • • Swap Magic Swap Magic is a trick from the PS2 scene which allows you to run PS2 backups and homebrew content on a PS3 with any version of OFW. This process only works on CECH-A through CECH-E consoles, due to the presence of the Emotion Engine chip on those models. USB Loader You will need a Swap Magic disk that is version 3.6 (or higher), burned copies will not work.

PS2 USB HDD Iso Loader for PS3. What is the emotion engine? Why was it removed? Because Sony sucks and wanted to reduce costs. IMHO, PS2 retrocompatibility should've. Swap Magic; USB Loader; Creating PS2 Backups. You will need a Swap Magic disk that is version 3.6. And 'OPEN ISO to create game'. Browse to your PS2. Apr 01, 2008 Just got Swap Magic 3.8 coder with MagicKeys II for my PS2 Slim NTSC and i start burning games. Got a few PALs but when i try them, all i get is bars.