Stanley E Iris Dublado

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`Stanley and Iris' is a heart warming film about two people who find each other and help one another overcome their problems in life. Stanley's life is difficult, because he never learned to read or write. Iris is a widower with two teenage children working in a bakery where she meets Stanley. Rpg Maker Xp Product Key Generator Download. She decides to teach Stanley how to read at her home in her spare time. Over time they become romantically involved. After Stanley learns to read, he goes off to a good job in Chicago, only to return to Iris and ask her to marry him.

It's a really good film without nudity, violence, or profanity, that which is rare in today's films. A good film all round.

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Contents • • • • • • • • • Plot summary [ ] Iris King (Fonda), a still grieving a half-year after the loss of her husband, works in a baking factory in and lives in a high-crime area. She lives from paycheck to paycheck as she raises her two children, Kelly and Richard. Also staying with her are her sister Sharon and Sharon's husband Joe, both unemployed. With money already tight for the family, Kelly discovers she is pregnant, which makes matters worse. Iris makes the acquaintance of Stanley Cox (De Niro), a cook in the bakery's lunchroom, when he comes to her aid after her purse is snatched on a bus.

Stanley E Iris DubladoStanley E Iris Dublado

But as their friendship develops, she begins noticing peculiarities about Stanley − he doesn't own a car (he instead bicycles wherever he needs to go), he lives with and supports his elderly father, becomes frustrated when asked to sign his name, doesn't believe in opening Chinese, and cannot pick out a specific item from a shelf. Iris soon realizes that Stanley is, and when she innocently mentions this to Stanley's boss, Stanley is fired the next day over food safety (and potential lawsuit) concerns, despite being a good cook and model employee. Afterwards, Stanley is unable to obtain any steady work, forcing him to move into a garage and put his father in a shabby retirement home. His father dies in the home only a few weeks later, upsetting Stanley over the fact that his illiteracy prevented him from caring for his father properly. Stanley seeks Iris out and asks her to teach him to read, explaining that his traveling-salesman father moved him all over the country when Stanley was a boy, bouncing him to nearly 50 different schools in total, resulting in Stanley developing no reading or writing skills from this lack of educational stability. Iris begins giving Stanley basic reading lessons and he gradually grows close to her and her family. It is during one of these reading exercises that he tells her that he's been wanting to get intimate with her since they first met, but Iris is hesitant.