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UPS By When your inventory is constantly moving in and out of your storefront at paces varying from day of the week to month of the year, things can get pretty complicated. Though not every small business can afford expensive inventory management software systems, new apps are making it possible to digitally manage stock in a more cost effective way. Here’s a roundup of apps that can help small businesses keep inventory in check without the risk of bouncing a check in the process: Inventory Tracker The site recommends, which functions as a comprehensive inventory tracking system for iPad. “It works excellently in synchronizing your inventory and comes with some really amazing features that you’d only expect from a desktop app,” said the blog. A free version of the app is available, and the pro version is just $3.99. SOS Inventory If you’re already using QuickBooks, the Intuit App Center includes a number of apps that help the software do more for your business. Among them is, which integrates with QuickBooks and offers expanded features, such as sales orders.

“It also lets you manage inventory in multiple locations, track items by serial number and cost history, track multiple stages of work-in-progress, and create pick tickets and packing slips,” reported Christina DesMarais for. The prices of SOS Inventory plans are based on available features and range from $25 to $200 a month. Retail Inventory App developer Cashier Live offers, an app that not only functions as an inventory management system, but also scans barcodes and syncs with point-of-sale purchases made with a Cashier Live account. Pricing packages range from Basic at $20 per month, to Premium at $75 per month. Lettuce is more than just an inventory app. As reported by Amy Gahran for, it integrates such systems as order capture, payment processing, shipping, tracking, customer relationship management and more. Lettuce offers a companion cloud-based web app for easy use between your iPad and computer that includes user setup, accessing records, and customizing the software for $59 per month and an additional $25 for each additional user. Astm D1559 Marshall Pdf there.