Pyronix Belle Installation Manual

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• GSM Speech Dialler with Automation Control Microphone Speaker PROGRAMMING AND INSTALLATION MANUAL RINS1323-8. • EASY START GUIDE Enter 2 0 1 Press the t key and enter the inputs for input 1. Repeat for other inputs if required [201-209] Enter 999 Press the t key to exit the engineers mode. Enter 1 2 3 4 This enters the user menu. • 4.1 S..7 CROLLING HROUGH ENUS 4.2 E...8 NTERING CHAPTER 5: V2 GSM PROGRAMMING.. 10 5.1 P VOICE M [100].. 10 ECORD YSTEM ESSAGES 5.1.1 Play / Record Low Battery Message [101]..10 5.1.2 Play / Record Battery Restore Message [102]..

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10 5.1.3 Play / Record Test Message [103].. • UTPUT XPANDER 7.9 T...42 NTENNA 7.10 C..43 ONNECTING OTHER EQUIPMENT CHAPTER 8: DISCLAIMER.. 44 CHAPTER 9: SETTING UP THE V2 GSM (EXAMPLE).45 CHAPTER 10: SHORTCUT FUNCTION REFERENCE.47 Pyronix Ltd Page: 4. • Up to 9 telephone numbers can be programmed, and either a voice message or SMS text maybe sent after activation. The V2 GSM also has a user menu that can be accessed by dialling the V2 GSM directly (this is a mobile number that is supplied).