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Untuk E3 Flasher, PS3 yang sesuai untuk downgrade cume PS3 yang gunakan NOR cip. Kalau ade PS3 CECH-25XX, guna minimum version checker pup. Are you looking for professional PS3 downgrade services in. PS3 Minimum Downgrade Version Checker. Registre-se gratuitamente para ver o. You MUST run this if your PS3 model is in the. Minimum Version Checker est un outil qui vous permet de savoir quel est le firmware minimum que vous pouvez installer sur votre PS3 sans la bricker (dans le cas d'un. USB hard drive.

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AusGamesStore Simple guide to check if your Playstation 3 can be. Minimum Firmware Version Check Your. Called minimum version checker on the PS3 find.

• • • This PUP will display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3. Minimum Version Checker (MinVerChk). • ===== MINIMUM VERSION CHECKER (PS3 FIRMWARE CHECKER) ===== -----Things you will need: 1. MinVerChk, PS3, and a Computer. USB Flash Drive.

(Formatted to 'FAT32' O N L Y = Not 'NTFS', Nor 'exFAT') 3. Time- A few minute learning curve the first time. (after that, it shouldnt even take a whole minute) -----Steps: 1. Create a new-folder in the ROOT of the Flash-Drive. (name it 'PS3') 2. Create a new-folder in the PS3-folder you just created. (name it 'UPDATE') 3.

Copy the PUP-file, included with this README, into the UPDATE-folder you just created. (Basically, it should look like this, 'PS3 UPDATE PS3UPDAT.PUP') 4. Insert the USB-Flash-Drive into your PS3. (Are these steps getting too difficult for you? Only 1 left) 5. Install the PUP-Update, via your PS3-XMB, just like it was an official-update.

Ps3 Minimum Version Check Download

(PS3 XMB Settings System Update Update via Media Storage) NOTE: The update should fail and display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3. (The number given is the lowest-firmware you can install on your PS3) -----Enjoy!


Howdy GBATemp. Recently (in fact a few minutes ago as I'm writing this) I've come across a need to find out the lowest possible firmware version my Refurbished PS3 could go. Well, while googling around and searching through the PS3-hax forums I managed to find a firmware checker utility that I feel may be of use to other members here on GBATemp for various reasons. As always, I take no credit for this, the source of this utility (or at least as far as I can tell) can be found. What you'll need: A USB Flash Drive PS3 PC WinRar Instructions: Step 1: Download the MinVerChk.rar (from the link provided above) and extract the. Descargar Musica De Moderatto Gracias Gratis. pup file using WinRar. Step 2: Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP onto the USB Flash Drive in the PS3/UPDATE/ folder.

Step 3: Power on your PS3 and navigate to the 'System Update' option in the settings Step 4: Choose 'Update Via Media Storage' Step 5: Let the PS3 search for the update, once it's found it it will ask you if you'd like to run it. Hit 'OK' Step 6: It should only take a few seconds, a message will pop up telling you what the lowest version firmware your PS3 can use!

Step 5: Congratulations!