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Dr V.Kutumba Rao sir has a wonderful website dealing with learning English from Telugu. I contacted him and he graciously confirmed that material can be freely downloaded from his websites and used in website. His website telugu sentences were however in image files. So I could view them but could not copy-paste. I requested him to send documents from where I can copy-paste. He kindly & readily sent the following documents (which you can also download from the links below that I set up in this site): He also sent English1.pmd for which I cannot put a link as WordPress does not allow.pmd files to be uploaded to its site. But if you need it you can mail me and I will send it to you.

Copy-paste from the pdf documents into Word gives a font problem. Proposal Ptk Sd Lengkap there. The Telugu sentences in book111.pdf seem to be in Priyaanka font and Priyaanka Bold font (Document Properties in Adobe Reader lists these fonts). When I copy them to Word the characters don’t show up properly in any of the Telugu fonts that I already have on my PC. So I need the Priyaanka font if I want to copy-paste Telugu sentences from these documents into Word and view them properly. Don’t know about additional challenges in inserting these Telugu sentences in mySQL Unicode column. Maybe I will have to convert Priyaanka font Telugu text to Unicode Telugu text.

Top free priyanka telugu font downloads. Batch Font Renamer. HVRaster is a Windows monospaced raster screen font especially designed for use inProgram IDEs and. Font Help: If you are unable to view the pages in Telugu. If you are unable to view the pages in Telugu - follow these. If you STILL have trouble viewing our Fonts in Telugu. Priyanka Font.

But let me take it one step at a time. Searched for Priyaanka font on the net. Came across some Priyanka Bold Web Font (Priybwf.ttf) and tried it. But it seems to be different from the Priyaanka font used in the documents mentioned above, as the Telugu sentences do not get shown correctly in Word with Priyanka Bold Web Font.

Tried opening the English1.pmd file by downloading and using Page Maker trial version. Page Maker also trips up on the font.

Pratt-read Tools Bankruptcy. It gave me an error that Priyaanka font is missing and does not render the Telugu text correctly. So the Priyaanka font seems to be absolutely necessary for me to be able to go any further. I have asked Dr V.Kutumba Rao sir about this problem. Dear Reader, if you have a solution to this problem please post it as comments (or mail it to me).

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