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It is recommended that you install the service pack in the order described in. You should be aware of the following installation and deployment issues before and after installing Forefront TMG SP2: • It is recommended that you complete the upgrade of all Enterprise Management Servers (master and replicas) and all the array members of an array before you configure the new SP2 features in the array. • In a mixed environment, in which some array members have been upgraded to SP2 and others have not, the servers that are running Forefront TMG 2010 SP1 with Update1 continue to run with the same policy and do not receive policy updates. Note that the not yet updated servers also: • Process and log traffic as normal. • Produce data for reports. • Can be monitored from the Management console of an SP2 array member, an SP2 Enterprise Management Server, or via SP2 remote management. • Do not show upgraded arrays or array members in the Management console.

• In most cases, you are not required to restart the computer after upgrade. • If you are logging to a remote SQL database, you are required to migrate the log database to the new schema.

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For instructions, see. Known issues.

• Reload failure with local user Issue After configuring the Firewall service user as a local user, reloading the configuration fails. Cause If you want to configure a different user for the Firewall service, you must configure a domain user. Workaround Configure a domain user for the Firewall service.

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• Uninstall failure Issue After configuring the Firewall service user as a domain user, you cannot uninstall Forefront TMG SP2. Workaround Reconfigure the Firewall service user to be the network service, then you can uninstall Forefront TMG SP2. SP2 software updates.