Multiple File Upload In Cakephp

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File Upload In CakephpMultiple File Upload In Cakephp

CakePHP File Upload Plugin; CakePHP Gigya Plugin. CakePHP File Upload Plugin. I've worked hard to get multiple file uploading as easy as possible for both. Echo $this->Form->input('files.' , array('type' =>'file', 'multiple')); This allows you to shift click in the file browser to select multiple files then puts the files into an array to save. However, this field format isn't handled by the media plugin. Also, there'd be no way to add the model, group etc. Fields on the save as far as I could see. Docs API Documentation. CodeLobster - News of free portable PHP IDE with support Drupal, Smarty, Twig, WordPress, Joomla, JQuery, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS. I am trying to create a multiple file upload using cakephp. However, I bumped into a problem wherein I could not enable the 'multiple' functionality of the built in.

@Hovo first of all you're still using the wrong key here; $this->data['posts']['doc_file']['tmp_name'], which should be $this->data['Post']['doc_file']['tmp_name']. However, the problem you're seeing is caused because you're trying to use $this->data['Post']['doc_file'] as value for the 'doc_file' field in your database, but because this is an array, this won't work directly. You'll have to change that data and only use the file-name for your database. Canon Lbp 2900b Printer Driver For Ubuntu here. I'll try to add an example – May 1 '13 at 7:06.