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Vh1 Storytellers Season 11

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Grammy winner and multi-platinum hit artist Maxwell performed to an intimate 150-member audience at New York City’s Metropolis Studios in May. The soul singer performed twelve songs for the 15 th season of VH1 Storytellers and fans will be able to watch the performance when the episode airs Friday at 11 p.m. Apparently, the show’s 15 th season resonates with the artist. “ Storytellers has been around for 15 years,” Maxwell says.

“And it’s been 15 years since I put out my first album ‘Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite’” “You have this dream as a kid,” he continues. “And the next thing you know you’re at ‘VH1 Storytellers’ and the crowd is singing along to your songs. It’s a blessing.” Watch Maxwell perform “Fistful of Tears” from the 2009 BLACKsummers'night album below.

Grammy Award winner was the latest artist to perform for VH1’s Storytellers series. Originally recorded in May before an intimate audience in NYC, watch an listen as Max gives a performance of “Fistful Of Tears” and gives the backstory of how Mary J. Blige and Anthony Hamilton were in studio during the song’s creation. As well, there’s a clip of “Ascension,” a personal favorite from Urban Hang Suite that always makes me want to get my slide & two-step on.

Maxwell’s Storytellers aired last night but I’m sure there’s plenty of reruns to be caught and there’s over. Loss for words for a good moment. Man that dude is ill. But yeah some people cannot handle what the industry is.

And you can NEVER truly know just how it is until you become a part of it. I will say this I would have probably ended up like D’Angelo had I not made the choice to step out of the spotlight. And I cannot state this as truth, but perhaps if Maxwell had not stepped away for 7 years that he too could be D right now – maybe not nearly as bad – but it takes its toll.

L-Boogie, Amy Winhehouse talented people who could not cope. It is not that they no longer wish to make music – that always stays with you (and I can guarantee Lauryn still sings around her home daily maybe even still writes and records – but for herself instead of all of us). Jaime Escalante Math Program Elac College. It messes with your mind man. I know firsthand. I had to get out.

You either sell your soul, save it and get out or you are born built to deal with it all. Maxwell seems to be one who was born with the strength to deal with it.

^^^^Not really. I feel like r&b, or at least what I consider r&b to be a near dead form of music. There really aren’t any fresh male singers out although I heard Miguels album was decent I just don’t see him as an rnb singer. Since the Dave Hollisters and Joes of the world have fallen out of the limelight the voids seems to have been filled by radio rnb (aka pop) Maxwell is one of only a handful of artists that I honestly and truly look forward to their next project because he makes real music. Urban Hang Suite and Mary J’s My Life are the quintessential rnb albums in my collection.