Maildetective 2.1c Crack

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Free Download and information on MailDetective 2.1h - MailDetective is a slim monitoring application designed to control mail use in corporate networks. It is a solid. MailDetective 2.1b MailDetective for Exchange Server 2.1c MailDetective 2.1f. Your search for Maildetective 3.5.2054 will return better results if you avoid including keywords such as: keygen, crack, serial, activation, etc in your search.

Maildetective 2.1c Crack

MailDetective is a slim monitoring application designed to control mail use in corporate networks. It is a solid solution against frivolous employees who undermine corporate discipline and decrease productivity by sending and receiving non-work related emails.

It can also help to reduce the damage from the bandwidth misuse which costs companies millions of dollars a year. MailDetective analyzes mail server log files and provides the employer with detailed reports about private and business emails coming to and from the corporate network as well as traffic distribution by users and email addresses. You can instantly see information about email usage in the entire company, by particular employees or during specific time intervals. These reports have a well-defined layout and deliver information in a clear fashion. A typical mail-by-recipients report contains such categories as email addresses of senders, local mail traffic, external mail traffic and traffic ratio. With such reports, you can monitor email traffic generated by your employees, expose non-work related emails and stop abusers.

The program can be run in the interactive or console mode. In the interactive mode, you have the ability to customize the program settings, import log files manually, create reports with the Report Wizard or one of the previously saved templates, save reports in the HTML or MS Excel format. You can also view and print generated reports from the built-in HTML browser. The console mode allows you to automate the entire monitoring process from the importing of log files to generating reports, saving them to disk or sending them to a specified email address. Train Traffic Control Games on this page.

03 September 2013 MailDetective 3.0.1766 [*] [MDaemon] improved support for MDaemon 13.5.x antispam log files 02 August 2013 MailDetective 3.0.