Lost Continents And The Hollow Earth Pdf

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Author: Brinsley Le Poer Trench ISBN: 189206281X Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit File Size: 73.26 MB Format: PDF, Mobi Download: 168 Read: 1317 DISCOVER HIDDEN WORLDS AND UNDERGROUND CIVILIZATIONS British House of Lords Member Searches For Lost Atlantis Inside The Hollow Earth! In addition to being the author of numerous books on UFOs and extraterrestrial archeology, Brinsley Le Poer Trench was for several decades the editor of the prestigious British Flying Saucer Review. But, his greatest influence came about as a member of England's House of Lords. Trench, who held the title Earl of Clancarty, long campaigned in the Halls of Parliament for the Crown to 'come clean' on matters related to close encounters.

Lost Continents And The Hollow Earth Pdf

While the Earl strongly endorsed the theory that aliens have been coming here since the dawn of creation, toward the en of his career, his ideas took on a stranger turn, encompassing the notion that an ancient 'pre-deluge' civilization existed in what we commonly refer to as the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Intermingling with this Atlantean culture were space beings arriving regularly for various reasons, some beneficial, some destructive. 'The result of which,' says Brinsley, 'is a long panoramic narrative in the form of legends and myths, telling us of gods that come from outer space, who ruled over Atlantis an were the progenitors of our own civilization. They also fought terrible wars, and made grotesque monsters and giants with reptilian legs (and bodies), that turned upon the gods themselves.' Trench adds that the Atlanteans tried to escape the surging chaos by using thermal drills and electron ray guns to bore out a massive tunnel system that extends even to this very day from the surface to the hollow core of our planet. Download Championship Manager 2007 Completo Pc World. There the Atlanteans still lie in peace and tranquility away from the war-like elements upon the surface. In this book, the author takes the reader on an exploration like no other.

Here are tales of polar openings, hidden civilizations, strange underground races, Admiral Byrd's Top Secret discoveries, the central sun, the Shaver Mystery and much more that will open your eyes to a new reality like never before! Denis Crenshaw of the Hollow Earth Insider has added a lengthy new introduction bringing the topic up to date and there are some mind blowing photos of the entrances at the North and South Poles. A MUST for hollow earth believers and those who collect all material on the Inner Earth. Category: Body, Mind & Spirit.

The Hollow Earth, Subterranean Civilizations, Agartha who told him that we are living on the inside of the hollow Earth. For nearly forty years, Teed.

Author: Dianne Robbins ISBN: 097009020X Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit File Size: 73.32 MB Format: PDF, Kindle Download: 970 Read: 962 'This book is an expanded edition of the original work, and includes messages that were received as recently as June of 2000. Most of themwere transmitted to me telepathically by Adama.

At times, Adama spoke to me on behalf of others from Telos who were with him. I have also included messages received from El Morya, the Inner Earth Beings, Mikos of the Hollow Earth, and Galactic Command.' (A note about the revised edition, p. Category: Body, Mind & Spirit. Author: David Hatcher Childress ISBN: 449 Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit File Size: 72.82 MB Format: PDF, Docs Download: 886 Read: 1330 The new expanded compilation of material on Anti-Gravity, Free Energy, Flying Saucer Propulsion, UFOs, Suppressed Technology, NASA Cover-ups and more.

Highly illustrated with patents, technical illustrations and photos. This revised and expanded edition has more material, including photos of Area 51, Nevada, the government's secret testing facility. This classic on weird science is back in a new edition!

Includes: How to build a flying saucer; Arthur C. Clarke on Anti-Gravity; Crystals and their role in levitation; Secret government research and development; Nikola Tesla on how anti-gravity airships could draw power from the atmosphere; Bruce Cathie's Anti-Gravity Equation; NASA, the Moon and Anti-Gravity; The mysterious technology used by the ancient Hindus of the Rama Empire; The Rand Corporation's 1956 study on Gravity Control; T.