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Your email system allows you to use software like Outlook or Thunderbird to view email. Google Chrome is not like Outlook because it is used for viewing web sites. Some of those web sites offer email services on a web site, like Gmail, so Chrome can be used to view email in those systems. There are other email systems, like Yahoo mail, that allow you to use a web browser, like Google Chrome, to access email.

Gmail is unique because it allows you to use a web browser or software like Outlook to view your email. So perhaps that is where you are confused. Gmail users can use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, another web browser, or software like Outlook and Thunderbird to view their email.

Check with your email provider to see if they offer access to your email on a web site. Then you can use Chrome or another browser to view your email. If not, you have to use Outlook or a competitor email software to view your email. Buzzersdad 16.08.11 11:17.