Kya Dil Mein Hai Serial Last Episode

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Recap Aman stops Kakoon from leaving the house and demands that she gets ready to receive the newly wed couple. Punj House Kakoon does Rahul and Naina's aarti. Naina then enters the Punj household. Gayu stops Kakoon and enquires why her maang isn't filled. Kakoon doesn't respond, so Gayu asks Aman to fill her maang from the sindoor in the thaali Kakoon is holding. This distresses Kakoon. To distract everyones attention away from them, Aman uses the excuse of the newly wed couple.

Preeti introduces the ring-finding ceremony. Preeti and DJ tease Rahul. Kakoon who has been paying no attention to the game, returns to her room unnoticed. In her bedroom she wipes the sindoor off from her forehead. And vows to leave the house – esp after Aman's actions. Downstairs Gayu tells Preeti and the others to allow the newly wed couple to rest. Libri Di Mauro Biglino Pdf Download.

KYA DIL MEIN HAI 34TH EPISODE 29TH MARCH PART 5 - Duration: 6:51. Kya dill mein hai 1,572 views. Dec 13, 2008 KYA DIL MEIN HAI- [99TH EPISODE] The long awaited video is finaly here.

Kya Dil Mein Hai Serial Last Episode

Rahul and Naina are about to leave, when DP reminds him of the family tradition (ie. The groom lifts the bride and takes her to their room). Rahul lifts Naina and takes her up the stairs.

Kakoon is about to leave her room, when Aman appears and begins to taunt her for reconsidering the idea of leaving the house. He attempts to blackmail her, that should she leave, he'll submit the tape in court, and rather than spending the wedding night with Naina, Rahul will do so in jail. Kakoon breaks down in tears. Rahul as per the family tradition gives a gift to Naina (appears like a ring box) and thanks her for marrying him despite his past. Naina dismisses his action – saying that she likes him and is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him.

Everyone is seated at the dining table the next morning, whilst Naina is serving them halva, prepared by her. Gayu praises her culinary skills. DP gives Naina shagun and asks her to continue providing breakfast like this to everyone. Naina then enquires of Kakoon's whereabouts and Gayu explains that she has gone to see Devi. Basin House Kakoon enters and meets Devi. Devi tries to console Kakoon, assuming that she is upset because Rahul has now married another/etc.

Kakoon agrees that last night was an awful night, but not for the reason Devi is suggesting. Kakoon begins to explain about her rape, when Mansha and Dinesh enter/interrupt, so Kakoon is unable to tell Devi about her ordeal.

Instead the conversation moves over to Mansha having secured her scholarship abroad. Kakoon congratulates her and leaves.

Devi feels troubled. Punj House Aman is drinking in his room, and frustrated by the fact that Kakoon has still not returned is about to storm out of his room when he sees a letter left by Kakoon on the dressing-table. It is her suicide note.

Aman is horrified and in a rush throws the note outside his bedroom and races down the stairs. Rahul calls out for him, but Aman doesn't hear. Rahul see's the note and reads it. Outside Aman is in his car, driving in search for Kakoon. Kakoon is shown walking on the road in the rain. Rahul is also seen in his car searching for Kakoon. Rahul spots Kakoon and runs/calls out for her.

However, Kakoon is on the edge of a cliff by then. Rahul tells a surprised Kakoon that he has read her note and demands she comes back down. Kakoon refuses to do so and jumps. Rahul anticipates the worst. In a random Cottage/Hut Rahul attempts to wake Kakoon up but to no avail. As it is raining hard outside he is unable to seek help. Whilst walking about the room, Kakoon regains consciousness.