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Feb 12, 2011 After that run PS2 launcher and create a new entry for your game. Full version of PS2 Launcher r883 (with CF):->Download. I tried connecting my ps2. To do this download Ps2 Keylauncher 0.4. Playstation 2. Ps2 Keylauncher 0.5 Beta3 Ps2. Link download launcher. With the PS1 game. Right now we have PS2.

I went on to and got the new keylauncher prog and tried to boot it using these progs: Cogswaploader, free HDloader, ps2link, naplink, cdloader and ps2menu. I haven't been able to boot any dev progs on my v7 ps2 yet. I have used the following structure in ps2gen to get the.bin and.cue files: /SYSTEM.CNF /EXPINST.ELF /CDVD.IRX /JUNK.IRX /TITLE.DB /FILES/KL.DAT /FILES/BOOT.ELF (KL) /FILES/BOOT2.ELF (CogSwapLoader) /FILES/CDLOADER.ELF /FILES/HDLOADER.ELF /FILES/PS2LINK.ELF /FILES/PS2MENU.ELF /FILES/NAPLINK.ELF /FILES/IPCONFIG.DAT (Config. For PS2Link) /FILES/IOMANX.IRX /FILES/PS2DEV9.IRX /FILES/PS2IP.IRX /FILES/PS2LINK.IRX /FILES/PS2SMAP.IRX /FILES/UNRAR.IRX /FILES/SYSTEM.CNF /DUMMY/DUMMY.BIN (about 130mb with mpeg files) I burned the.bin and.cue files on a Memorex CD-RW. I am still a newb at this and I need someone to explain the LBA to me. When I try to boot anything it goes to the red sceen with the swap magic 3.2 background for a while then it gets a blue border around it and thats as far as i got to booting these files. Afterburn Free Online there. I tried to download the keylauncher0.2+image.rar file of the siirlabs website and tried burning that, but before I did I had to extrac the.bin file to change the TITLE.DB file.

But when I put all of the files into cdgenps2 (with the modified title.db) but all of the LBA was changed. I tried burning the image with the scambled LBA but it didn't work. Can someone tell me how the LBA should be set up for the keylauncher0.2+image.bin file? I was also wondering where exactly to get the PS2_APLICACIONES_HDLOADER_HDADVANCE_[] file.

I looked all over for it but can't seem to find it. OK Here I am again. Emule you can find at there you can find everthing what you need. Thet is true.when you download keylauncher0.2+image.rar (around 3 M) and Unrar you will het 1 cue and 1 bin file. Then (I am ) use ultraiso to make iso file of bin file and again open that file with ultra iso. Then I am delete original TITLE.DB file and add my own (press F3 ).

Then I am une Nero 6 to burn iso file.(without using cue file) on 4x speed on TDK gold. Then I am Boot sm3, swap insert 'PS2_APLICACIONES_HDLOADER_HDADVANCE_[] boot disk' swap then insert KL disk(disk what I am just made) and after you close press 'X'. All worked well on my PS2 V9 Pal Good tutorial is on or but files there are for US consoles _X_X_X_X_X_[small]PS2 ver 9 HDloader 1. Flowjo 10 Mac Cracker. 0 SM 3.2[/small]. OK!!!!I still cant get this to work!!

I went and downloaded ultraiso and opened up the keylauncher image package that I downloaded off od siirlabs(the one with the progs already in it ie:HDL, HDA, CDL, CSL etc.)I looked though the files and deleted the original title.db file and copied my own into the.bin file. I then right clicked on the title.db file and went into view which opened notepad with a lot of gibberish, but I noticed at the bottom it said: mc0: BRDATA-SYSTEM BOOT.ELF but I have a us ps2 so I changed it to: mc0:BEDATA-SYSTEM BOOT.ELF, but that cant be the problem because I couldnt even install the files on my mc yet. I also noticed that it said non-bootable in the ultra iso, so I selected system.cnf as the boot file and it changed to bootable. And I changed the kl.dat file it read mc0: BADATA-SYSTEM (files) for each buttom installment so I changed each of them to BEDATA-SYSTEM. I burned I on sony cdr. Oh, and i tried booting it as an.iso file.

I went on emule and got the PS2_APLICACIONES_HDLOADER_HDADVANCE[].rar file and extracted the bin/cue files then I opened it up in UltraISO then saved it as a.iso file burnt to disk and still wont boot. It seems that when I put in sm3 disk it boots it up then when it stops spinning, the laser stays on the outside of the cd. But when I burn it, the small data (apx.50mb) is in the center so when i click on Load Program in sm3 it starts spinning and freezes before it gets to the data and just keeps spinning it seems. Its done that every time on every cdr I tried to boot up. I also noticed that when the smdvd2 stops spinning the laser stops in the center of the disk. When you are get PS2_APLICACIONES_HDLOADER_HDADVANCE[].rar file you do not need to convert it to iso.just burn it.use nero or other ap. (go File and use option burn image file.).