Installing Fallout 2 Restoration Project Patch

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The Restoration Project includes the latest version of Killap's Fallout 2 patch. Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project – first official public release (1.0.

Microsoft Windows

The purpose of this project is to add back into Fallout 2 all the missing content (locations, NPCs, quests, items, etc) that were pulled or left unfinished in the original game. This expansion attempts to stay true to what made Fallout great and thus the new content you find is not something I felt that would be cool to see, but rather a reality of what the original devs wanted. In addition to (or instead) the unofficial patch, you can install the F2 Restoration Project. • Download and easily install the expansion here: []. Hello guys i have hudge problem i installed the RP, and in the game i have some misssing text 'error'.

I can't clear the submarine because everything is 'error'. I can't go to the end because the tanker still have no fuel, and i did all thing spossibl to give him fuel (shi, hubo). And in this case, matt (or mark?) never propose me to brign the fuel.

(in conclusion: i did 2 different way for the fuel and still have the tanker off) i checked variable with a log, and the variable as the value ' 2 ', seems quest is complished but i cant go out.

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