Installing A Trolling Motor Transducer Installation

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Trolling Motor Transducer Mounting KitTrolling Motor Installation Instructions

Transducer Installation and Sonar Setup by John Easton. The trolling motor mount PDT-WBL. Select the transducer you have installed from the Installation menu.

My fish finder is the most important tool on my catfish boat. I rely on it more than anything else I use to be successful on the water catching fish and can’t imagine fishing without it. This is true of most successful anglers regardless of what they fish for. You can “use your gut” to locate and catch catfish but once you learn to read a fish finder correctly and use it to find and catch fish you’ve opened your fishing world to a whole new level of success. It will change your approach to fishing, where and how you fish and in the end the number of catfish you catch. Unfortunately, many people jump in feet first purchasing a fish finder and have no idea what they’re buying, why they’re buying it, how to install it or if it has been installed correctly or most important, how to actually set it up correctly and read it.

My electronics are such an important part of how I locate and catch fish yet I’ve not covered much information in the past on the topic so I’m working on providing more in depth information and details on sonar fish finders, which technologies to use for catching catfish, how to set them up correctly and how to understand what you’re seeing on the screen. Fish Finder Installation Is The Foundation To Success Without proper installation you’re not going to get good clean images from your sonar fish finder and in fact you might even have the installation working against you keeping you from seeing fish. Many people install their sonar units themselves or rely on others to install them for them and do so without a clear understanding of how important it is or how to do this correctly. Here’s some tips for making sure your fish finder technology is installed correctly and setup for success so you get the best performance possible.

Register Your Fish Finder After unboxing your sonar unit, before you do anything else head over to the manufacturers website, register the product and make sure they have a valid email address to contact you so you’ve activated your warranty with the manufacturer and given them a way to contact you with updates and important alerts. Here’s the link to create an account and register products. Update Your Fishfinder Software The technology used in today’s sonar fish finders is very advanced and the units are computers. Like any other computer, smartphone or other electronics things change quickly and are constantly being updated to improve performance and compatibility with other products. Cara Kerja Software Komputer Audit more. Think of you’re computer or iPhone and the constant reminders you’re getting to update applications and software.

Your marine electronics are no different and they’re devices that aren’t constantly connected to the internet with reminders popping up so you need to take matters in your own hands. Before you work on any installation steps, check your software and make sure your software is up to date for any electronics you’ll be installing. It’s likely even though you have a new product you’ll need to perform updates.

This is also something you’ll want to keep tabs on and make sure you maintain over the life of the product. I haven’t used any Lowrance products in quite some time but my My Humminbird account sends me an email every time a software update is released and let’s me know and there’s instructions provided with each update on how to perform the update on the sonar unit. The account allows me to login and see all of my products and important information about each one as well as current software versions for each. When installing software updates the process is painless for most units. You download the software to a blank SD card, insert the SD card in the unit and power it up which then walks you through the installation. Before doing this I always make sure to download my settings and GPS coordinates to an SD card to save them and more importantly make sure the unit is restored to the factory default settings.

Assuring you’re running the latest software version will provide the best performance, compatability and the cleanest and clearest images on the screen. Power Importance and Interference Make sure you’ve got good clean power to the sonar unit and that there’s a fuse between the power source and the unit. Chimica Organica Sperimentale Zanichelli Pdf here. The fuse is pretty self explanatory but it amazes me how many people skip this step. You need a fuse between the power source the main unit to protect the unit.