Image-Line DirectWave V 1.4.3

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Image Line has updated DirectWave to v1.4.3. New features and changes since v1.4.1: Updated import dll. Now uses modeless downloader window.

Key Features: • 16 part multitimbral, 32-bit VST sampler • 128 Voice Polyphony • 128 programs • unlimited zones per program • All samplerates supported • Realtime SINC-64 point interpolation (HQ Audiophile) • Poly, Mono, Legato operation, with glide / auto mode. • 2*24 dB 5 mode filters serial or parallel • Flexible 16 slot freely assignable Modulation Matrix • 2 mod. ADSR envelopes, 2 zone-independent mod. LFOs 2 global program mod. LFOs • Automatable loop points, reverse loop points supported • Loop modes: fwd, one-shot, sustained, bounce looping • Automatable sample start offset (available as mod. Destination parameters) • Built-in voice Insert FX with independent settings for each zone: ring mod. Samplerate decimator, bitcrusher & phaser.

Image-Line DirectWave V 1.4.3Image-Line DirectWave V 1.4.3

Artmoney Port Royale 2. • Built-in send effects: chorus, reverb, delay (with filtered feedback, sync to host tempo).