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Check your notebook upgrade options for any supported cards you can install. You may need to contact HP directly and ask. When you install an unsupported WLAN card, you will get a BIOS error 104 -- unsupported WLAN card. Remove card and reboot.' That is because HP has placed a BIOS lock on all unsupported WLAN cards. Some very clever folks have been able to circumvent these BIOS locks by editing the BIOS to include the hardware ID of the device they installed. I have no clue how to do this, or even if it can be done on a Hpx 16-1730us.

It's a bit complicated and I had to sort it out on other forums but my brand new Intel Advanced -N 6200AGN works. It takes cca 5 minutes.

Troubleshoot your wireless network with HP mobile and wireless. Wireless networking center. Update the wireless adapter software and drivers. Download the latest software & drivers for your HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit. Keygen Interwrite Workspace here. Insert the HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit CD. NOTE: If the New Hardware Found wizard displays, select “Install Automatically” and Continue. For automatically identify, fixes missing and update HP Wireless device drivers, install the latest official drivers and keeps your HP Wireless device drivers always.

All you have to do is to extract the BIOS in Phoenix bios tool, modify a module and save the changes. Then just flash the modified BIOS and it should work. Prerequisites: - An hexadecimal editor like - 1- Extract spYourBios.exe, then extract XXXXXX.exe 2- Open XXXXXX.bin(same name like XXXXXX. Tournament Pairing Program more. exe) with Andy's tool 3- Once decompress, select 'other' in manufacturer 4- At advanced choose: 'no SLIC' and ' Allow user to modify other modules' press done 5- Press GO and wait until the tool pauses and show popup(don't press OK yet). 6- In DUMP folder, edit the module E62F9F2F-4895-4AB5-8F1A-399D0D9C6B90_2_776.ROM, search the hexadecimal string 86 80 2C 42 86 80 06 13 and replace 06 by 01(this is difference between ID 5100 and 6200, just a single digit),save the modification. 7- Press OK on Andy's tool popup The Andy's tool will notice about changes that were made and will reintegrate the module.