How To Install Xenon Hid Kit H7

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The male and female plastic connectors on the end of the bulb wires correspond to the male and female connectors on the ballast. This connects the bulb to the ballast so that it can get enough power to charge up. The power wire runs from the ballast to the stock harness of your vehicle. The stock harness is the plug where your halogen bulb plugs into. Some sizes, like 9005, 9006, and H11 come with plastic connectors on the end which plug into your stock harness as shown in the above picture.

Cowboy Gamepad Driver. Step by Step Installation DIY Guide for aftermarket HID Conversion Kit base a Toyota Corolla. H1 HID Bulb Size Installation. Get access behind the headlight or remove your headlight and remove the H1 bulb as shown below: 2. Installation the replacement HID H1 bulb without damaging it or touching the glass with your fingers. Attach the yellow and brown wires shown in our pictures to the HID kit wire supplied.

Other sizes like the H7, H8, and H10 come with 2 loose prongs which you insert into the appropriate terminals on your stock harness. Here's a simplified diagram of the set up. It shows the power wire with two prongs but it's the same idea if it has a connector.

How To Install Xenon Hid Kit H7How To Install Xenon Hid Kit H7

If you have purchased the correct size of bulb for your vehicle, installing the bulbs is just a matter of removing the halogens by twisting (unlocking) the base and pulling back, and inserting the HID bulbs, and twisting (locking) the base in place. Remember DO NOT touch the bulbs with your bare hands. The oil from your fingers may stay on the bulbs and when they heat up it will heat up and shatter the bulb or cause it to turn black etc. Don't know your bulb size? • You can check the size of your halogen bulbs in your housing now (it usually says a size or number code on the base i.e. H10, 9006, H13, H11, 9005, etc.). • You can check your owner's manual.