Hitachi Ax M137 Manual

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Hitachi Ax M137 Manual

View and Download Hitachi AX-M136i instruction manual online. Get this Hitachi AX-M137 Exclusive Micro System with DAB radio and DVD playback for. View and Download Hitachi AX-M136i instruction manual online. AX-M136i Micro Music System pdf manual download. View and Download Hitachi AX-M140 instruction manual online. Hitachi Mini Hi-Fi Component System Instruction Manual. AX-M140 Stereo System pdf manual download.

• Table of Contents Before Connection...2 Control Section...4 Main Set....4 Sub-Woofer.... 4 Video-Box....5 Remote Control....5 Wall Mounting Instructions... 6 Main Set....6 Speakers....7 Video-Box....7 Connection...8 Connect to the TV.... • Before Connection For your safety CAUTION This symbol indicates that dangerous volt- RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK age constituting a risk of electric shock is DO NOT OPEN present within this unit.

CAUTION: This symbol indicates that there are impor- TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER. • DON’T obstruct the ventilation openings of the equipment with items such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. Overheating will cause damage and shorten the life of the equipment. DON’T allow electrical equipment to be exposed to dripping or splashing, or objects filled with liquids, such as vases, to be placed on the equipment and don’t handle the power cord with wet hands.

• Control Section Main Set Play/Pause /Select Stop/Auto Scan Next /Search Forward Select Up Previous/Search Backward Select Down Repeat Information S-Bass Volume Up Volume Down VFD Display Lens 10. Disc Tray 11. A / V Out 16. • Video-Box Coaxial Output Terminal Component Video Output Terminal Scart Socket Connect To The Main Set Remote Control 1.

Volume Up Button 15. OSD Button 28. PBC Button 2. Tuner Function Button 16. Time Search Button Menu Button 3. Mute Button 17.

• Wall Mounting Instructions Main Set 1. Connect all cables and secure into place using the clips on the back of the unit. Fix the wall bracket in place using two screws ensuring the locking pin hole is facing upwards. • Speakers 1. Fix the two screws to the wall ensuring they are equal distance to the holes in the back of the speaker.

Hang the speaker from the screws. You can also attach the speakers to a stand by securing the screws underneath and at the back of the speaker. • Connection Caution: Please turn off the power before connecting. Connect to the TV Terminal board for Video -Box Terminal board for the DVD player Connections to TV Safety precautions 1. This DVD player has video output mode, you can choose it to connect with the TV terminal. • Connecting the Antenna Connect the supplied antenna to the antenna socket on the terminal board of the sub-woofer. The antenna should be connected to the antenna socket, tighten the antenna by hand with tool supplied.

(Please note: Do not overtighten,this could damage the antenna Tighten the antenna rod or it’s fittings.) clockwise on the base of. • Cautions: Press the AUX function button once to select AUX function. When you are connecting AUX audio terminals, please press this function button. Connecting the Speakers Connect the speaker cords between the terminals as shown below. Callaway Promode Download. Connect the cords with a silver line to the (+) (L) (R) terminals and cords with a gold line to the (-) (G) terminals. • Connect to an Amplifier With Digital Signal Input Terminal DTS, Dolby Digital signal decodes Terminal board for the video-box amplifier Connection precautions Use coaxial signal wire to connect coaxial output jack of the sub-woofer with coaxial input jack of other amplifier, then you can hear the super digital sound effect.