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Harman Kardon Onyx Firmware Update

The Harman Kardon AVR 1700 I wisely. After that I suddenly saw 'BCO update' message on the. Read and write user reviews for the Harman/Kardon AVR 1700. Harman AVR 1. 70 Software Update Issue. Harman AVR 1. 70 Software Update Issue. Endnote 6 0 1 Keygen Crack. I have Harman Kardon AVR 1. Nero Erase Dvd Software Free Download. Harman Kardon drivers updated daily.

Avr 1700 Harman Kardon

I just bought the AVR 1700 and one of the first (apparently stupid) things I did was a software update. When I selected 'update' the receiver seemed to go into some kind of standby mode and displays nothing on the TV. The front of the receiver has said 'Software Update' and then its IP address for going on an hour now. I cannot find anything in any manuals, even the extended PDF version online, that says anything about how long it should take or if I'm supposed to be doing something. I don't want to sit here like an idiot if there is something I'm supposed to do. I also am afraid of unplugging it and bricking it.

I've never seen any type of firmware update take this long. Any help would be appreciated. I just did the same thing on my new AVR 1700. What you are supposed to do is go to the IP address listed, which is the IP of the receiver. When you hit that in a web browser, instead of the usual configuration page it will present you with a page where it shows the current firmware versions and allows you to upload a file from your computer. There is currently no update available on Harman's site AND the worst part is that there is no way on that firmware update page to cancel the process and revert to normal functioning - I had to do a hard reset as well. I would say to e-mail HK but I doubt they would do anything - maybe release a software update.

Just set up my 1700 and avoided looking for any updates, and it is working great. However I have two questions I am hoping someone may be able to help with as I can't find any info in the full manual. First, is it possible when connected through hdmi To have tv picture from directv/cable box showing while outputting airplay or fm through receiver?

I like to have sports on the tv while playing music. Second, I can't get the iOS app to work. I've downloaded the app to my iPad and the receiver states it is connected on the osd menu, however the app states that it can't locate a device. Thanks for the help. First, is it possible when connected through hdmi To have tv picture from directv/cable box showing while outputting airplay or fm through receiver? If you want to do separate audio on your receiver while watching TV you might as well run a component video cable directly to the TV for video from your DirecTV or cable box. Then you can play whatever source you want on the receiver.

DirectV and cable boxes have simultanenous video output so you can run HDMI and component video from the box at the same time if necessary. I have a Denon AVR 591 connected to my bedroom LCD TV via HDMI. The DirecTV HD reciever is connected to my receiver via HDMI if I want to use audio and video watching TV.