Hacking Wd My Book World Edition 1tb

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Introduction • This tutorial was originally develope by tomas123 at • There were small improvement that took a a week afternoons / nights because of small remarks to the original document • Shortly i tried to make it very easy and copy / paste Summary • This tutorial is for white light single disc drives WDH1NCxx000E not for WDH2NCxx000E • Build a firmware image from scratch: you need only a file of 945-Byte and a online connection to the update server from Western Digital!! • From an WD_MyBook_Firmware_download_V 1. Manual For Eclipse Mp3 Player V180. 00.16 extract the stuff that counts • Connect your new disk to a Linux-PC (I'm using Windows with Vmware ' Ubuntu 9.10') and copy the stuff you extracted to the new disk • You must only copy the scripts to your terminal (root). Nothing must be changed (except /dev/sd?) • Take the new disk and stick it in the MyBook • While first booting the Mybook goes to factory reset and make the XFS file system on sda4 with all shares! Attention: • This way works with disk of every size and disk of every vendor.

• this script kills all data on sdb4!! • You get a fantasy MAC address. Don't simple change the MAC address. The kernel bootcmd is protected by a check sum (you need fw_printenv with fw_env.config to change the mac). Some hints for ubuntu users: • I hope, do you know the root access in ubuntu: 'sudo su' • you need the package mdadm for creating software raids (go to System/Administration/SynapticPackageManager and install madadm - the tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)) • my new disk is the second disk: /dev/sdb ->check the disk numbers with sfdisk -l and change (if necessary) the device names in the following scripts to /dev/sd? I reverted to rev 14 and killed the changes of user sorinacke (see history).

How to recover or rebuild firmware of bricked WD My Book World Edition White Light. Wide firmware hack against this. Hacking Western Digital MyBook World Edition, improving WDC MyBook World Edition functionality, unleashing MyBook's power! Scenario: Useless WDMB world edition goes rubbish and wont show data partition Drive has to be forcefully removed from unit, plugged into PC, and using a smart tool.

Hacking Wd My Book World Edition 1tbHacking Wd My Book World Edition 1tb Nas