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Hi i'm using Sony Vegas 7.0d and I would like to render my video in h.264, now I know that the mainconcept AAC codec does just that. But there's only one problem, it can't render 1280*720, the highest available resolution is: 720 X 480 ('MP4 for iPod' template) (Mainconcept codec version: 1.0) I've read all over the internet that the mainconcept is capable of rendering higher resolutions. Should I update the codec (if so, how should I do this?) Or am I just not looking in the right place for the 1280*720 rendering resolution? Any help would be very much appreciated!! After selecting the 640x480 iPod template, click the 'Custom' button (beside the 'Template' box) and then the 'Video' tab. Choose 'Custom frame size' in the 'Frame size' box and set it to 1280x720.

Modify any other templates as desired. D-Copia 120 Drivers. Here's some settings )courtesy of Jonathan Neal on the Sony Vegas forum) that I've tried and found to work quite well. It was designed for Facebook/YouTube but the higher settings should work quite well for your application as well. Ignore his frame sizes and use yours. ** Be sure to save this as a new template for future use. Project Template: Internet Fullscreen (or Internet Widescreen) Description: 2 Mbps VBR 640 x 480 (870 x 480 on Internet Widescreen) 192 Kbps CBR 44.1 Mhz Use this setting to create an MP4 file best fashioned for Fullscreen Youtube/Facebook upload and playback.

Jun 16, 2008 How to render a final product from timeline to H.264? Vegas 7.0e only offers H.263. Thank you Ron. I tried the Sony mp4 codec. Mar 21, 2007 If not is there an alternative codec i can use that has the same quality and keeps it small like the H.264 codec? Sony Vegas 7 and H.264. I am using sony vegas 7. Hi i'm using Sony Vegas 7.0d and I would like to render my video in h.264, now I know that the mainconcept AAC codec does just that. But there's only one problem, it. Mar 01, 2016 Sony Vegas Pro 14: How To Get Old Codecs Back & Install H.264 (Basic Tutorial) - Duration: 3:49. VerticDesigns 14,069 views.

Video Rendering Quality: Best Video Frame Size: (Custom frame size) Width: 640 (870 on Internet Widescreen) Height: 480 Allow source to adjust frame size: false Allow source to adjust frame rate: true Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0000 Number of reference frames: 1 Use deblocking filter: true Constant Bit Rate: false Variable Bit Rate: true Two-pass: true Max: 10 Mbps (10,000,000) Avg: 2 Mbps (2,000,000) Audio Sample rate: 44,100 Hz Bit rate: 192,000 bps. Delta Force Black Hawk Down Widescreen Patch.

How to Open and Edit H.264 in Sony Vegas Pro Q1: Can't Import AVI H264 to Sony Vegas A client gave me an SD card with AVI files on it from his consumer camcorder. I tried to open in Vegas but it either says 'can't open' or I just get the 'no drop' icon. GSpot identifies it as a H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (in AVI). It says 'codecs are installed', so it should work right? Q2: Problems importing.mp4/h.264 into Sony Vegas I currently capture my files using the Hauppauge HD PVR, recording in H.264.mp4 format in 720p, and I use Sony Vegas to render my files.

Lately I've had some slight issues with Sony Vegas and actually importing my raw.mp4 file in. I'd usually have some weird issue about 'file cannot be opened'. When you try to add some videos in H.264 to Sony Vegas, you may have met some troubles like above quoted. In fact, Sony Vegas Pro is pretty picky with the codecs of what it'll accept.