Double Manual Harpsichord Plans

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Double Manual Harpsichord PlansKeyboard Instrument

CLAVIERS BAROQUES SOLD!!! Used instruments and instruments on consignment -- last updated December 20, 2010 -- All the instruments on this page are sold, but we keep the listings, they are a good way to get a feel for 'what's out there' and how the prices go. We sometimes hear back from the buyers and the sellers, too, which is always fun. Which harpsichord to choose? See our crash course on. To the gentleman from Oklahoma!

Unfinished kit for Zuckermann Italian Virginal version I ca 1975 (?). Compass is BB-e'' (54 notes), can be tuned to GG/BB short octave for effective 58 notes. Disposition 1 x 8'.

The Harpsichord Clearing House's complete list contains the most comprehensive, global listing of harpsichords, virginals and clavichords for sale--used and new. Building a harpsichord. I purchased a Flemish single manual harpsichord kit from Hubbard Harpsichords. (I'd have gotten a double manual if it weren't already. To design a stand for the 'French' Ruckers double-manual harpsichord listed. Single-manual harpsichord. Venetian harpsichord stand (Drawing. Download Street Fighter Iv Android. Harpsichord & Harpsichord Kit. A fully dimensioned plan and instruction manual take the builder through the. Double manual Harpsichord.

Old-style Zuckermann plastic jacks but designed for plastic plectra. Baltic plywood case is completed but shows some delamination. Nice keyboard -- maple naturals with blackwood sharps. Complete with lid, music desk and stand. Complete with 1:1 plans, instruction manual, wire, most parts still in sealed envelopes. If something is missing, you can get replacements from Zuckermann Harpsichords International in Stonington CT or from us. If you don't want to build it yourself we can do it for you.

Price: asking $750 USD as is (the can tell you what that would be in your currency) plus shipping from Annapolis MD and any applicable taxes & duties. Kit is made in USA so qualifies as duty-free in the US, Canada and Mexico under NAFTA. To the gentleman from Mississauga, ON Zuckermann Z-Box ca 1975 (?).