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Cygwin's MinTTY is really nice and. Windows 10 bash and mintty. Cygwin is a useful tool if you want a bash-like terminal in a windows environment. I just installed cygwin in my windows7 pc. After installation when i click on 'Cygwin Terminal' from start menu it shows a message like this - message title: Missing Shortcut 'Windows is searching for mintty. To locate the file yourself, click Browse' with two buttons below 'Browse' and 'Cancel'.

Problem description On Windows 10 build 10240 (RTM) x64 I installed Cygwin x64, which by default uses Mintty as the terminal emulator. This was working really well. However, after recently updating to Windows 10 build 10586 via the official Windows Update method, Mintty fails to start. Reproduction scenario • Install Windows 10 (build 10240 RTM) x64 and install Cygwin x64. • Observe that using Mintty is working great. • Run Windows update so it updates to build 10586. • Observe that Mintty refuses to work anymore, and crashes with the error /usr/bin/mintty: could not detach from caller Try '--help' for more information.'

Expected behaviour A working Mintty =) Shoot! If further questions exist, just ask. I will be notified and will answer the questions. Hi, I invoked Mintty from the shortcut that Cygwin creates in my Start menu.

It runs this command: C: cygwin64 bin mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico /bin/zsh --login This is because I switched from Bash (the standard) to ZSH + Oh-my-ZSH, which I like much more. Just for checking. I also reverted the shortcut back to it's original state, being: C: cygwin64 bin mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - At this point I did some new discoveries. It turns out, that in both situations everything is working just fine, as long as I just launch via the start menu or directly via the shortcut. I am however, using to be able to quickly start stuff by hitting alt-space, typing a few letters, and hitting enter. It now seems that the problem lies in using Launchy to start Cygwin, because that's the only way I am getting this detaching error. However, no other program started showing problematic behaviour with Launchy after updating Win10 to build 10586, only Mintty.

It might be therefor possible that this is somehow a thing where Mintty is unable to fork off Launchy, therefor declaring defeat and showing a notification. I tried updating Mintty but it yesterday seemed that I was already running the latest version that is available for download. I will try your update to see if it makes any difference and let you know. /edit I tried adding -d to the Mintty command ends up with a window with black text on a red background saying Failed to fork child process: Resource temporarily unavailable. DLL rebasing may be required. See 'rebaseall --help'.

Can you please provide a link to the download page of the latest Mintty that I should try? I end up on Google Code but those versions are outdated as far as I can tell.

/edit Cloned master, built, and tested it out. It does not look like that there is a recent commits regarding the Windows 10 forking issue in the commit history (only 22 days ago) and I'm not sure if master is going to be 2.4.0-0. The Art Of Dealing With People Pdf more. 7 (and where 2.3 ended up if that's the case), but there are no other branches on Github so this is my best bet.