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Double Manual Harpsichord Plans. Quote from Its amazing how ignorant many people are. Not everybody have internet access or even fast internet access. So forcing everybody to use Steam to install Skyrim (which one can buy on a normal DVD copy) and then also enforcing the auto download of a 200MB + patch is very ignorant and arrogant imho. I know that many third world countries that might have good enough PC's to play Skyrim,but dont have any or any good or cheap internet access yet. Like me for instance. I am in South Africa and here we pay a fortune for internet access.

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Quick vid on how to install Skyrim off the disc without having to use Steam. Installation patch. Nov 29, 2011 I need a no steam crack. Not because I am a pirate. How to play skyrim without steam? Previous Thread. The biggest totally free game fix & trainer library online for PC Games [].

If we dont have a rather expense annual connection contract (ADSL) then we are forced to pay for 3G (pay as you go) usage where they charge you per megabyte. And trust me, paying for installing Skyrim via Steam online is more expensive than buying the game itself! I have ordered the game and is awaiting delivery. Now in the meanwhile I started reading reviews and posts on forums and got the shock of my life when I learned about the whole online installation. I need a no steam crack. Not because I am a pirate. Not becuase I have any gripes against Steam.

Merely because I cannot afford any internet costs related to installing this game. Anybody that can helpe me, please PM me.

I believe there are ways to install retail games that use steam by loading the files off the disk. Ahh, here's a link that should work, from the official steam site. I'll PM you, too, to make sure you get it ^^ Posted here for anyone else who might need it. Quote from Skyrim actually works without Steam once fully installed. You just launch the Skyrim.exe from it's directory. I've done it plenty of times. The problem is that you cannot start it via the normal game launcher, allowing you to adjust your mods and extensive graphical options.

Anyways, what's so bad about Steam? I've had it for over 4 years now and I've only had it mess up on very, very rare occasions. The issue here is very likely you or your computer. Cracking isn't pirating. There's nothing wrong with cracking anyways. Cracking a non steam activated Skyrim is not illegas as you have not accepted the terms of use. Quote from There won't be one - as it's illegal.

So yes, it would make you a pirate. If you don't even have the power to download a few gigs in a few hours, then it's a problem on your side, not one by the developers or Steam as a decent internet-connection-speed is nowerdays a standard for most people.

Also, it's not a surprise- decion they made at the very last day before release that it becomes a Steamworks-game, they annouced that months before release. Partly because Valve needs time to update their servers with the new files as well. Not only illiterate but stupid with it. NOWADAYS a decent internet connection speed may be standard for some but not for all.

There are unfortunates who live in country areas with slow connections. It takes my connection 30+min to download the game to play and that is in spite of having a computer with an i7 CPU and 6Gb DDR3 memory etc. Steam sucks and should be forced to allow people who pay good money to play the game without recourse to their idiotic method of copy protection.

After all why should I be denied the right to play the game unhindered because manufacturers are paranoid about somebody pirating it. If I could find a method, legal or illegal, of getting round Steam I would do so. Since I have paid for the game I cannot see that as illegal or pirating. Steam is rubbish. Quote from Not only illiterate but stupid with it.