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CCcam - All Versions Download HereVersion History CCcam 1.0.0 - CCcam 2.3.0 (present).

Cccam Download

In order to install CCcam on your Dreambox running Gemini, you can use the manual installation method. Follow the steps below to do this.

• Download one of the following CCcam installation packages: (450 kb - MD5: aedd2cdce65494dfc0917b) (448 kb - MD5: 874b1d236e55dedb2e40804d525e3ee8) (434 kb - MD5: 3c38bf8af72ecf4757bc72ed1ffca271) • Use an FTP Client (i.e. ) to connect to your Dreambox. The default username is root, password is dreambox • Upload the at step 1 downloaded CCcam installation package file to /tmp on your Dreambox • Press the blue button on the remote control of your Dreambox and browse to Addons or simply press 2 on your remote control • Now navigate to Manual install and press OK on your remote control • A listing will show with all the packages placed in /tmp on your Dreambox. Navigate to the package you wish to install and press the green button on your remote control. • Confirm you want to install the package by pressing the green button on your remote control again • Installation will proceed. Press OK once the confirmation box shows to close the popup. • Press the blue button on your remote control to open the Blue Panel • Press the red button on your remote control to enter Auto-Camd Setup • Press the left button on your remote control to move the selection to the Default Camd area at the top • Press the OK button on your remote control to expand the list, select the CCcam option by pressing the up and down buttons on your remote control and press the OK button again.

• Press exit on your remote control once to return to the Blue Panel menu • Press the green button on your remote control to choose the option Start/Restart Camd. CCcam will now start.

• You can now go ahead and.

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