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• Main Menu will be displayed. Registering your Callaway uPro® In order to use your uPro on the course, you will need to register your uPro and create a user account online at our website. • 45 miles of the address you provided during registration. For more information about Callaway uPro® visit ©2009. Callaway Golf Company. Callaway, Callaway Golf, the Chevron Device, uPro, the uPro device, uPlay, SmartView, AnyPoint, BasicMode and ProMode are trademarks and/or registered trademards of Callaway Golf Company.

090025 Note: Selecting your home course only sets your home course as a will still need to buy, download, and sync your home course to your uPro.

Upro download. Junior Champion. We recommend downloading your 50 ProMode courses to your upro. Callaway Golf will continue to honor the limited. View and Download Callaway Golf UPRO GO user manual online. UPRO GO GPS pdf manual download.

• CALLAWAY UPRO GO GOLF GPS USER GUIDE (V1.2) © 2010 CALLAWAY GOLF COMPANY. • 1 GETTING STARTED WITH THE CALLAWAY UPRO GO...3 1.1 CALLAWAY UPRO GO OVERVIEW...1.2 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS....1.3 CHARGING THE CALLAWAY UPRO GO...5 1.4 PRE LOADED COURSES ON YOUR CALLAWAY UPRO GO.. 1.5 CONNECTING YOUR CALLAWAY UPRO GO...6 1.6 REGISTERING YOUR UPRO GO... 1.7 SEARCHING FOR COURSES... • 1 Getting Started with the Callaway uPro Go 1.1 Callaway uPro Go Overview This section provides a brief overview of the location and functionality of the inputs and outputs you will use to enable the full capability of your uPro Go.

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• 1.4 Pre Loaded Courses on your Callaway uPro Go Your uPro Go is pre loaded with thousand of courses from our course database and is ready for you to go play! You don’t have to register your uPro Go to play your first round. But we do recommend that you register your uPro Go after you have played your first round to optimize your device. • 1.1.3 Other Inputs and Outputs LED - The uPro Go has one LED light. This LED light provides status indications. The blue LED flashes when the uPro Go is in normal operation. The red LED indicates that the device is charging.

A flashing red LCD indicates that charging is complete. • Step 1: Power on the uPro Go Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on the uPro Go. The device is powered on when the boot up screen appears. After the device is done booting up, the Main Menu will be displayed. • Once connected, the program launcher will automatically start. The uPro sync program should already be highlighted as shown in Figure 5.

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Disneyland Parijs Rct2 Download. Clicking “OK” will start the sync program and the uPro Go website login or registration page will launch. Figure 5: Windows Program Launcher - Autorun Callaway uPro Go ©. • “Save” or “Run”. We recommend you save the uPro Finder to your desktop for future use..

Each time you want to connect your uPro Go to the website for updates, you will be able to double click the uPro icon on your desktop to launch the sync program. • Go the Windows Start Menu, click “My Computer”. Locate the uPro Go icon in your “My Computer” folder Right click on the uPro Go icon, a drop down menu should appear that will give you the option to “Sync uPro De- vice”. Click “Download”.

You will be given the option to either “Save” or “Run”. We recommend you save the uPro Finder to your desktop for future use. Each time you want to connect your uPro Go to the website for updates, you will be able to double click the uPro icon on your desktop to launch the sync program. • Windows 2000 If you are running Windows 2000, the sync program will not automatically run after the uPro Go is connected to the PC.

You can launch the sync program directly from the device. Sync Launch From Device 1. From your desktop, double click the “My Computer” icon. • Mac 10.4 or above If you are using a Mac, once you have powered on your uPro Go and it has mounted to the computer, you should see a removable disk icon labeled uPro Go, Figure 10.

You will need to start the sync program directly from the device. • Go Registration Once the uPro Go sync application has started it will launch the uPro Go website and take you to step 1 of 5 to complete registration. After the registration is complete you will be able to check for course updates and sync your uPro Go. • Step 4: Download the uPro Go Finder If you have not already downloaded the uPro Go Finder we recommend that you do so now. The uPro Go Finder makes it easy to launch the sync program and website when you need to update your uPro Go.

Simply double click the uPro icon on your desktop once you have connected your uPro Go to your computer. • Your registration is now complete. You will need to sync your device to remove the registration warnings on your device. You can also search the course finder to see if the courses you play are already pre loaded on your uPro Go. Find cours- es is covered in the next section, section 1.7 Searching for Courses.