Brunswick Antique Pool Table Serial Number

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.She comes along slowly =) I have completely restored the pockets and irons. I got a set of Brass Finished rail irons from a guy out West but did the Leather-work myself. Reconditioned, re-dyed, and re-shined em back up. All those years of polishing boots really paid off here The further I got into the restore I finally came to the conclusion that the majority of the veneer would need to be replaced eventually. Figured this was the perfect time to do that. I bought a book on veneering and contacted a supplier out in Missouri (or Montana.cant remember.) I have stripped her completely down to the original wood used in construction and will be re-veneering her in Spanish Fiddleback Cedar. Believe it or not, the original wood she is made of is solid Ash.

Brunswick Antique Pool Table Serial NumberBrunswick Antique Pool Table Serial Number

If it were better grained I would have been tempted to finish that and not veneer it. However my wife said I would regret doing that and that I should stay with my original concept. She will (of course) be right in the end I still need to get the rail bolt covers but have found a set of originals that I will be getting after the first of the year. I also am wanting to get the original BBC base molding and have found it brand new. However, it will be more expensive to buy the amount I need than all the veneer combined.

I though that I would share the pool table that I have grown up with. It's a restored 1920's Brunswick pool table (the same type that was used. Are there any standard identifying marks/serial numbers. Help Identifying Brunswick Pool Table. What is the worth of my fischer mfg co pool table serial number 714352? Classic Billiards sells original and reproduction service manuals for antique billiard & pool tables including Brunswick.

So veneer first, then the molding. The molding is right at $8 per foot. Altivar 16 User Manual. I will end up needing 30 feet of it However, if I am going to do it then I am going to do it right! The Slate will be the next major project. I got lucky and won an auction with 32 of the original bolts that go to her.

I needed 2 I have plenty of extras, lol. Program De Facut Carti De Vizita Kappa. I have talked to Glen (RealKingCobra) and he gave me a few tips on repairing the rail bolt recesses in the slate (you will remember there are 2 recesses that have no nut to receive the bolt and 1 that seems plugged.) That will be my 'middle of the winter and bored' project I will finish everything off with a Dye Stain to really bring out the fiddle-back in the wood and Simonis Green.

I believe I will put a hand-rubbed lacquer finish (as that is what was originally on it in 1905.) She will still shine, but more matte than a poly finish would leave. Also, I contacted the seller of the table from back when (CP Dean Company.) I had them make a new plaque for her. I was not happy with their new design. The font was different as well as a couple of other things I didn't like. So I have been restoring the original plaque.

The raised lettering is proving difficult to work around, but i am patient. I am a very happy person with my project and go to whatever lengths necessary to do it right the first time.