Britannia Cooker Hood Manually

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Britannia Cooker Hood Manual

• BTH-C-950 Latour Canopy Hood BTH-C-1150 BTH-C-1400 BTH-CT-950 Installation, Operation BTH-CT-1150 & Maintenance BTH-CT-1400 Instructions INTRODUCTION Warning Your range cooker is a semi-professional unit which gives you the power and flexibility to realise your full potential in the kitchen. Syslog Collector. Inevitably, during The following is a requirement of UK and European legislation the cooking process, there will be heat, vapours and fumes produced.

Britannia Cooker Hoods online. If you would rather operate the hood manually. This superb chimney style cooker hood from Britannia is 100cm wide and. Britannia Cooker Hood Manually Expressing The windows can be resized just like they would be on a normal desktop. This is where things started to get kind of insane. Download a PDF of the Britannia range cooker Instruction Manual on this page, and discover how to use and clean your cooker, as well as some tasty recipes.

Britannia Cooker Hood Manually

• Latour Canopy Hood Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions 4.3. Electrical Installation ELECTRICAL HAZARD DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER The extractor is a stationary appliance designed to be connected by fixed wiring to the electrical supply. A competent electrical technician must perform the electrical installation. The extractor must be fed from a 220-240Vac single phase electrical supply using a switched spur fitted with a 3A fuse. • 150mm diameter ducting. Wherever possible utilise rigid circular pipe or Tel: +44 (0)844 463 9705 (option 1) “Mega duct” ducting - both types are available via your Britannia Email: dealer.

Do not use flexible expanding concertina type ducting. • Latour Canopy Hood Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions LATOUR CANOPY GENERAL ARRANGEMENT DRAWINGS Single Fan Models BTH-C-950, BTH-C-1150, BTH-C-1400 Twin Fan Models BTH-CT-950, BTH-CT-1150, BTH-CT-1400 Page 4 W1100 Latour Built-In Canopy Extractor IO&M Nov 2010.docx. • Delayed for 10 Minutes FAN OFF to clear (Immediate) fumes 11. Bollywood Movie Prince 2010 Download more. SPECIFICATIONS CAUTION BTH-C-950,1150,1400 with INTERNAL BLOWER MAINTENANCE Blower airflow, nominal: 1,000 m /hr per fan 52dBA Single Fan Noise level: To minimise the risk of fire, all instructions relating to.