Bell Howell Filmo Serial Numbers

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The Bell & Howell company, which was established in 1907, initially manufactured movie cameras. In 1948 they entered the still cameras market with the camera. Bell & Howell continued to produce cameras until the 1970s.

Bell Howell Filmo Serial Numbers

New innovations in film developing and camera design in the first decades of the 20th century made it easier for average Americans to become amateur filmmakers. Page 1 of 2 - B&H Filmo 70 DA Jam - posted in Bell + Howell: Hi all. My new (to me) Filmo 70 DA is in really good condition. Is the serial number on the cover.

I got drunk on the weekend and impulse bought this Filmo Bell & Howell 70 DL. In hindsight I should have kept waiting until I found the right Super 16mm camera to become available. Anyway, I've been calling some places and I'm having a hell of a time finding 16mm Double Perforated Film on 100' spools.

Any info on the film would be greatly appreciated! (where do get it / brand that offers it) Also I can't seem to find much info on these cameras online, however they are selling at similar prices as the Bolex H16. I bought mine for 130 which was reasonable but lots are going for $500 +. Anyone know why these are selling at similar prices to the Bolex H16? Because Filmos are really awesome and keep running and running with just a few drops of the special sewing machine oil every so often to keep them going. They are very low maintenance. If that is your model it appears to be a later one as it has the side finder as well as the tiny thru the lens viewer on the other side.

(Lens needs to be in the viewing position) Pretty awesome you have the single frame crank too! Are you sure yours requires double perf? Does it have spikey cogs at the top and bottom of the 'tunrny-roundy things whose name I have forgotten right now'.Sprockets? Heres some good info on the Filmo's! Last paragraph lists models that should definitely be able to take single perf film. The photo you show looks like a later model to me and I suspect should be able to take single perf but I can't tell without seeing inside or the model number! Freya Hey Freya, that's great thanks for the link and the info! Download Free Id Hack Software more.

I believe you are right and this model does take single perf film. I am receiving the camera later this week in the mail but upon your info it is looking promising. That would make life a lot easier. Here's the info from the ebay seller when I bought it. ' Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo movie camera - very vintage. Purchase to use as-is - or buy as a prop, display, set piece or conversation starter. Includes two lenses in a three turret rotating lens mount, two viewfinder lenses in a turret, plus the winding crank, key and original instruction manual.

One lens turret is filled with a blank, another has a Bell & Howell Taylor-Hobson 1 Inch F1.9 lens, the third has a Bausch & Lomb 25mm F2.7 lens. The viewfinder turret has two lenses and a blank, one viewing lens matches the 1' lens, the other viewing lens in the turret does not match the shooting lens and is for a 3' lens. Runs and appears to work great - but - smells musty when opened or run.

The lenses look good - they appear to be free of haze or separation issues. The viewfinder assembly has a general haze, the focusing mechanism works fine. I bought one of those a long time ago before I was legally able to drink.

Yours looks to be in excellent shape. It's a great camera to learn on. Cara Download Vector Shutterstock Yang Gratis.

Now all you need, if you don't already have one, is a basic light meter. I've moved your post into the forum where you might find other helpful threads. Thanks Tim, yep I have a light meter. I've been shooting film photography for the past 15 years and lots of super 8, but I've only had the chance to shoot 16mm film twice before because of the cost. Really looking forward to working with this medium more.

Thanks for the info and moving the thread to this area. Appreciate the reply. Anyone know why these are selling at similar prices to the Bolex H16? These days it's all about the lenses, you can often find camera bodies alone for peanuts.