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Cara Membuat Crack Sendiri Tanpa Software Update there. In this lesson we’ll be covering the essentials of bebop scales for jazz guitar. We’ll explore four useful, relevant and fun bebop scales fingerings. As a result, your playing will be enhanced by more jazz-like phrasing using several natural and flowing fingering patterns.

Eurostile Extended Font Mac. Why Bebop Scales? Well, at some point in their development, jazz improvisers usually get tired of fitting the right scales over chords, like Dorian, Mixolydian, and major scales, and you long for a more chromatic approach to soloing. After we can easily fit “the right scale over the right chord”, we often need some sort of new puzzle or new concept to keep things interesting. But how do we add more notes other than the plain inside diatonic ones? Where should we start?

Fortunately with bebop scales, the right notes become the starting point of our chromatic adventure. We’ll be adding outside notes to familiar scales, so you most likely grasp 95% of this concept already. Effective Bebop Scales: Download this First! Here’s is the with the exercises from this lesson. What is the so-called Bebop Scale?

First, what is the so-called bebop scale? There’s an older video on YouTube titled, ” in which I explain the concept. In a few words, the main idea behind the bebop scales is adding one note to a 7-note scale to make it fit the bar of 4/4. Obviously, a scale that has 8 notes is better suited for 4/4 time signature than a scale that has only 7 notes. For instance, the C major scale: Technically, you could be adding a passing tone randomly (anywhere) within a scale you already know. But in reality, we add a bebop passing tone in a scale by making the important notes, the chord tones, following strong beats. All the theory in the world won’t make you play better, so let’s just look at these four important guitar fingerings for the bebop scales.