Backup Software For Synology Nas Default

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Hi all, either I am missing something or there is a big hole in the synology product. The normal DATA BACKUP/Restore option works on schedule, but there is only ONE backup of any data submitted. The TIME backup keeps multiple copies of the same files, but can only be used on a 'root' folder. Sub folders are not something you can choose separately. Please can anyone tell me a decent way of achieving multi-copy back up sub folders to either an external USB drive or an online provider of space.

How do you guys do YOUR backups? Backup will do versioned backups if you're backing up to another Synology unit - a bit lame, but it works.

May 09, 2016 QNAP NAS backup to Synology NAS. I tend to wait 6 months on new release software from most any vendor. (if not the default). Preparing for Your Backup. To proceed, you’ll need the following things: A Synology NAS with a data port and its Disk Station Manager software up to date.

Backup Software For Synology Nas Default

This was the most current version of the DSM software that I. Backup schedule' box - By default, Synology will. As backup for 2 other Synology NAS. That is setting up a scheduled incremental backup from one Synology NAS to another. DSM software that I. Backup schedule' box - By default, Synology will. Cara Download Lagu Dari Safari Iphone.

If you have sufficient space on a different volume of the same unit you can do a versioned backup there for delete protection and then a versionless backup to an external server or device. Download Gokusen Season 3 Sub Indo. For bigger clients we do that or use a smaller / cheaper additional DiskStation for versioned backup. Since you can mount the shares externally you can also use any backup program that can read remote shares.

I use Retrospect and Arq Backup to backup DiskStation shares to external drives and S3 / Glacier with good results. It would be nice if Synology offered a package that allowed versioned backups of subfolders - possibly that's a good feature request, something they could roll into a future version.

Really, Backup and Time Backup do different things for different purposes. Backup is more like a traditional recovery backup that provides a full image of existing files to protect against drive loss or other catastrophic failure. Time Backup provides an extended 'recycle bin' to protect against accidental deletions or file corruption. Which one you do or if you do both is dependant on your needs. Both solutions are safe in that they will back up and restore properly - I've used both for that purpose. Uhm, how should it be on the unit?

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Storage costs money, I think most people would prefer to choose who to buy it from. But that might be an excelent buisness plan for Synology: Throw in 'free' backups (100-ish Gb, 1 year), very well integrated in the OS. Then when people are hooked, it starts costing ~5-10$/month.