Auto Call Recorder For Nokia 2690

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Java Call Recorder Free - Java voice recording software application for your phone for Nokia 2690 Free Download.

Similar Applications: FREE collection of some amazing Attaullah Khan tracks Improve the sound of your device with a graphical 5-band Equalizer! MP3 tag editor for S40 (java),S60v3/v5 phones.

Auto Call Recorder For Nokia 2690 Free Download

- Here is a powerful mp3 tag editor software for both Symbian and Java phone users. It supports editing of mp3 tags including 'adding and removing album arts'.

Isn't it cool? Download and enjoy! ********************************************************************** NOTE: This is in fact a java software (.jar file DJ Turntable Play a looping sample with a realistic turntable. The sample can be scratched by the finger, played faster, slower and backwards. The speed of the disk can be adjusted with the speed slider, the default 1x speed can be obtained by double clicking the speed slider knob.

Dj Turntable includes cutoff and resonance to alter the sample in real time Sound Recorder - Using Unlimited Sound Recorder you can record sound until the free memory in the memory card is finished. So a memory card is required to save recorded music. Artmoney Port Royale 2. Permissions that the user should provide to run the application: The permission to access the audio recorder hardware of the phone for recording Azi's Metronome Vakratunda Mahakaya is a collection of Ganpati songs that are free to download through this app Sound Generator for J2ME Beeper - the program is making a sound at regular intervals FREE download of the app PIYA BAVRI, a collection of lovely, soothing songs Comments on Java Call Recorder Free.

Hello Remember the file format or extension file you downloaded. Some video format are designed to play only specific video player. FLV player is designed to play video files with.flv extension. Matroska video format which having the extension of.mkv cannot be played using your windows media player but it can be played using VLC player. I suggest for you to have VLC player in your device because it support a lot of media files. Go here: and look for your OS. You can also use it as your music player.

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