Arizonian Tires Silver Edition Review

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Cooper Tires Arizonian Silver Edition

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Cons: Not a big name brand Ok, I am the first to admit that when it comes to picking out parts for my car I am always looking to save some money but not at the sacrifice of quality. So when my Dunlop’s were about gone on my 99 Toyota Camry I drove right over to Discount Tire co. Where I have purchased my last Five sets of replacement tire for my vehicles. Name brand tires does not mean too much for me since I have often found better performance out of lesser known brands such as Arizonian, Yokohama and Fisk vs. Big names such as Goodyear, Michelin and Firestone. As I have with my other tire purchases I explained to the sales person how I use my car and what I have liked and disliked about the performance of my last set of tires.

This visit was little different since I had a possibility of driving to Canada around Christmas and did not wan to get stuck with a set of tires that would be hopeless in the snow. Living on the Texas gulf coast we just are not exposed to the road and weather conditions associated with a true winter so most of our car care and equipment supplies down here reflect that. Torrent Horton Nl Gesproken. Normally I use the car for a70+ mile round trip commute at speeds that vary from just over zero to Uh…well…I tend to get there quickly. The sales man compared the Arizonian to a set of Goodyear Precept’s The tread patters looked similar and the Arizonians were about $100 cheaper. For my Camry (14 inch rims) a set of four with road hazard taxes and fees ended up approx.

$240.00 out the door. Now I ended up not taking that trip but the Arizonian Silver editions that the sales man recommend have out performed my expectations. Arizonian seems to be a house brand tire for Discount Tire Co., as I have not found this brand anywhere else.

This does not bother me, I have had Arizonians in the past without any quality issues and Discounts can be found in many locations around the country. To further protect myself I get the replacement Road Hazard warranty so that whatever happens I am covered. Looking over the tread design I was a little worried about straight-line stability.

So far no problems in the area have been noticed. Rain is a weather hazard that we have plenty of where I live and no traction issues or hydroplaning events have effected my cars handling. I have noticed an improvement in traction on mud. No, I do not take my car purposely through large qualities of mud but when I was leaving a grass parking lot after a sporting event I just did not know that small ditch was so muddy.

The Silver editions were able to pull together what traction there was and pull on through and onto the main path where I should have been driving anyway. Cornering is about what you would expect of a quality passenger tire. Not dramatic, these tires tend to start under-steering gradually with out any suprises along the way. I probably would not mount these tires on a Corvette but these tires will handle a touring class car just fine in all but the most strenuous driving. I now have over 25,000 miles on these tires and plenty of tread is left. I was quoted a 50,000 miles tread warranty and I no reason to doubt these tire will live up to that expectation.

For my next set of tires I will defiantly look at Arizonian Silver Editions again. Update, I did go out and replace this set fof tires with another set exactly the same as the first. Perhapes it was the particular set but the new set never would balance right.

After five rebalances, Discount Tire ruining a aluminum wheel rim and my Toyota brand tire wheel lock Discount Tire repalced all four new tires for free. The next (third set) were still a little shaky for a few thousand miles but somehow smoothed out with age. Not sure what all that means but wanted the info out there.