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New has been released. What's new: 1. MQL4: Fixed a compiler error that caused crash in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system. MQL4: Fixed an error in the FileReadArray() function. When reading array lines, the number of read lines is returned now. MQL4: Changed the calculation algorithm of ArrayMinimum() and ArrayMaximum() functions. MQL4: Fixed an error of converting the line of «HH:MI:SS» type into a number of datetime type in the StrToTime() function.

MQL4: Fixed an error causing crash when a string variable is added to itself. Tester: Fixed an error of Bid and Ask variables formation in custom indicators used by Expert Adisors tested. Tester: Introduced additional checks of data discrepancy hen generating test sequences. Tester: Fixed margin calculation after the triggering of stop levels.

Fixed an error of ExpertsDllConfirm parameter recognition in the initial configuration file. New has been released. What's new: 1. Bca Purchase Planning Handbook To Higher there. Tester: Provided correct initialization/deinitialization of libraries used by the Expert Advisor under test, at repeated passes and at optimization. Tester: Fixed the triggering of Sell Limit orders when tested by open prices. MQL4: Eliminated memory leaks occurring when referencing outside a string array. When placing an order by Market Execution, disabled the feature of entering the values of SL and TP, the corresponding fields are blocked.

KL Andrews Pitchfork PRO: Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MetaTrader 4 with warning, trigger and slider lines. Each level can have its own color, style and different value. Andrews Pitchfork Mt4 Demo Platform Paid Indicators for MT5. Ask Question; Search for: Category – Paid Indicators for MT4. This indicator is designed for automated. When you apply the Andrews Pitchfork mt4 indicator on a chart, the platform asks you to make three clicks. The first click represents, P0, the second one P1 and the last one P2. They show the Andrews Pitchfork starting point. Andrews Pitchfork indicator for MT4 This indicator is designed for automated drawing of Andrews Pitchfork. The Andrews Pitchfork tool is usually drawn according to three main prices of a chart.

Fixed error of losing the data of off-line charts when attaching MQL4 scripts to such charts. New MetaTrader 4 build 207 has been released. What's new: 1. Fixed considering of leap days when setting data in inputs and in Expert Advisor’s source codes. MQL4: Fixed error names in stderror.h 3. MQL4: Added optimization when working with strings.

MQL4: Fixed processing of literals for date D’ and color N~’ when using them in macro substitutions and in substitutions of custom indicator’s properties. Fixed rectangle drawing when setting too large coordinates. Improved vertical scaling of charts using the mouse. In the chart context menu, price levels are set considering the symbol’s tick size.

Tester: At generation, introduced considering of the tick size for the symbol under test. Tester: At testing, the zero bar of another symbol is always in its initial state (O=H=L=C, V=1). Tester: At optimization, the identical pass results are not shown in the report.

Tester: Fixed generation of one-minute data at open prices if the volume is equal to 1. Tester: Fixed tickwise generation of one-minute data if the volume is equal to 3.

MQL4: fixed error of counter initialization of Mathrand() at the start of start() function. New MetaTrader 4 Mobile and MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE build 207: Fixed error of cancellation of order. New MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal build 205: Fixed error of wrong summary of accounts history. New MetaTrader 4 build 205 has been released. What's new: 1.