Aja Xena 2ke Drivers

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Powerful hardware conversion Within supported applications, KONA's Hardware Scalar Acceleration takes processing load off the CPU, allowing your computer to concentrate on what you care about, more real time effects. No more rendering for raster resizing. Based on our powerful converter technology, KONA's superior 'always-on' 10-bit hardware-based up/cross/down-conversion offers you the ability to ingest to the standard of your project while displaying and mastering live simultaneously to HD and SD as your needs require. AJA Control Panel AJA’s free Desktop Software for control of KONA and Io devices includes AJA Control Panel, a powerful and elegant interface for interfacing with your chosen hardware. Control Panel provides a simple visual showing how the KONA or Io hardware is currently configured and allows you to make changes. You can change signal input and output parameters and define the video processing that will be performed. The AJA software installer automatically installs the Control Panel application on your computer and once opened AJA Control Panel recognizes the connected hardware and provides configuration and settings options appropriate to it’s capabilities.

Using AJA's industry-leading drivers and custom application plug-ins, KONA cards. AJA’s free Desktop Software for control of KONA and Io devices includes AJA. View full AJA XENA 2Ke specs on CNET.

Aja Xena 2ke Drivers

Hello, Available for download on the Support section of our website is new version 4.2 XENA and for Io Express. *New Features* - Io Express hardware is now supported. Yes, I just loaded premiere 4.2 updates, Quicktime the newest version, updated media encoder,and installed the 4.2 AJA Xena Driver,as instructed by the release notes.

I'm running 64bit Vista with two quad core intel's and 16GB of RAM. I'm running it through some test.

It seems to do well as long as everything in the sequence is native framerate,frame size, etc for the sequence. It's all good until I tried to mix and scale video footage in a sequence. It seems that it has some distinct playback issues with scaled footage in certain types of sequences namely, 1080i sequences. It hangs and loops the top 1/4 of the screen when scaling footage. I'm working with mixed HD and SD 24p footage. I have been experimenting and got better results when using the AJA preset for 1080p/sf 23.97 sequence. I am now working with interpreting the footage in several configurations to see if I get better results with other preset sequences.

I'll post what I find over the next couple of days. [Norbert Rudzik] 'Problem with Cineform codec for PPro. After uninstall ProspectHD v4 is AJA working.

AJA not working if any Cineform codec is installed (Player, Neo, Prospect).' CineForm does NOT run under AJA retail drivers.CineForm uses OEM AJA drivers. Installing the retail version (the drivers this thread refers to are the retail drivers) over the top of CineForm and the OEM drivers will cause a mess. There is an extensive thread on this below.

Check in with CineForm to see what drivers you are supposed to be running, they are probably included in the latest update for your CineForm product. I would also advise against the manual gutting you're doing by removing plugins without an uninstall.you'll just make things less stable. Installer Openssh Sans Cydia Ios. Uninstall the Xena retail drivers and get the latest CineForm update and install the Xena drivers that come with it. If you feel you need the retail drivers for some other use, you'll need to have a dual-boot system (I have one of these).

The CineForm side and the AJA retail side. It works fine. These latest drivers seem to work fine for most. TimK, Director, Consultant Kolb Productions.